103 thoughts on “Any questions for NEVS?”

  1. Will they use the designs by JC for the next 9-3? In what countries will vehicles be available initially? What price point will they target?

  2. Is Nevs in near future going to enter into strategic alliances with established car manufacturers in order to become more viable than the predecessor company?

  3. First question – sorry if it’s obvious – will NEVS be looking to employ as many ex-SAAB employees as possible in Trollhattan?
    Both for the workers’ sake, and for the sake of the SAAB heritage, I hope so…

  4. Asking that all in here is wondering about; when does NEVS start to produce cars in Trollhättan, and is there any plans to make cars with petrolengines in a transitional period, or even better is there plans to make petrolmodelen along the eletric cars?

  5. I would like to know if they intend to keep the SAAB values and in particular when it comes to safety, SAAB has always been in the top when it comes to vehicle safety and safety has always been one of the reasons I choose a SAAB.

    • Yes, safety is #1 for me too, but it has to be a fun drive. I always like the idea of “Responsible performance”. Also utilitarian and environmentally friendly. Guess I want everything.

      • But that’s what Saab is, isn’t it? Everything? Safety, performance, comfort, full-spectrum utilities, that subtly dark styling that just makes it seem like it’s smirking inside.. 🙂

        That’s honestly what I would wonder about as well – how much of that classic Saab character is meant to transfer over?

  6. Some of the questions I’ve in mind:
    1.Do NEVS think in producing hybrid / petrol cars, even in cooperation with some other auto maker ?
    2. Will we see only pure Electric SAAB ?
    3. The first Electric SAAB will be on Castriota’s 9-3 design or on the “old” 9-3 design ?
    4. When will we have a more complete picture of what they want to do ?
    5. Does Mahindra & Mahindra have a role in the future of SAAB / NEVS ?
    6. How much NEVS has planned to invest in SAAB in the next 3 years ?
    7. Will Trollathan factory only produce SAAB or other brand(s) ?

    Some other question will arrive later on!

  7. Are they going to build an iPad with wheels like Tesla, or an e-car?
    In other words, what will be their focus, the car or the lifestyle?

  8. 1) Will the new company be considering producing a Hybrid (either Petrol-Electric, but preferably Diesel-Electric) ?
    2) Will you be investigating possible production or design tie-ups with other car manufacturers (perhaps in countries such as India !) ?

  9. I have just one question… but for me and my Clube it´s a big one.
    Can you (NEVS) write a document autorizing me to use the SAAB name in owr club name ( as Saab Portugal Clube ).
    Sent an e-mail requesting that.

    Thanks for the trouble/help…

    ( hope NEVS the Best !!! )

  10. *Will NEVS in some way sponsor or cooporate with the Saab museum?
    *Will NEVS keep the startkey/buttom between the front seats?
    *Will NEVS take good care of the heritage of Saab, ex. airplane?

      • Do you not still have to switch it on? Or would you switch on accessories like radio, climate control, headlamps, etc, individually? (Or automatically the first time you press the accelerator, then automatically off when you lock the doors or something?)

  11. a) Is NEVS interested in current SAAB customers?
    b) Will NEVS provide hybrid powertrains (petrol/biopower charging) for Western countries until battery packs can hold hundreds of kilowatts at a time?

  12. OK. NEVS are “Who”.

    Ask them the important stuff.

    “What”, “Where”, “When” & “How”.

    Then ask if they have anyone in mind for a rescue package in a couple of years or so.

  13. Will RHD vehicles be produced? When is the earliest we can see JC designed 9-3 on the road?
    Most importantly, are Hybrids/Petrol cars part of their plan in future?

  14. Will NEVS manufacture Saab cars or NEVS cars with Saab printed on them?

    A Saab car is something very special; it´s safe, it´s gorgeous, it´s nice to drive and all that we have come to love.

    • From what I understood with my talks with them the company that will produce the cars and own the factory will be NEVS and the brand of the cars coming of the production line will be SAAB.

      This is basically the way it was with GM. GM owned the factory and development and the brand of the cars coming off the line was Saab.

  15. Congratulations to the revivers of SAAB!!!!!!

    Do you think whether the EV boom (in China) will bring forth a re-gained growth of Nuclear power exploitation, in order to fulfill the extended demands for electricity?

    • If there is something I do love more than Saab, it is my family and health. Therefore my question about restored Nuclear energy growth is of LETHAL IMPORTANCE!

      Tim please make sure it is asked if there’s the slightest chance to pop it!

      • NEVS is 51% owned by NME holdings and NME focuses on renewable and green energy. Safety and health should already be key in their businesses. I understand your worries about Nuclear energy but I don’t think that the percentage of electricity used by EV’s wil become higher than the percentage of power use by regular electric devices such as your oven, watercooker, washingmachines, pc’s, tv’s etc. At least not in the next couple of years. Therefore I don’t know if your question is very relevant for NEVS at this time. Regardless of what NEVS knows, the demand for electricity in China is not the highest priority on the ‘to-do-and/or-keep-in-mind-list’ in Trolhättan.

        • I agree that nuclear energy is of lethal importance. Without nuclear energy, we are bound to have to suddenly beef up fossil-fuel-based energy production, as well as see energy prices skyrocket, which will be lethal to both the global climate and the global economy, both of which do not have it easy of no.

        • This question is more concerned about the future of EVs, or rather a future with EV’s, and given that NEVS plans to be a major part of this new industry, and as such, they clearly have to have a vision about this focal point of energy supply. I deem the question highly relevant, and in a way even more important than anything we regularly discuss here. Nuclear energy has nothing to do with the boundaries of states, countries nor continents anyway (as we learned so far).
          2 kW electric ovens can’t be compared to 150kW-powered e-cars. I feel it makes a difference and strongly believe answers on electric capacity issues can’t be withheld for a moment.

          When about to start a race, one should go and study the corners on the race-track first, so what timing should fit better for questions about the fundamentals of a new industry, than now, at the kick-off? Maybe plans on NME providing “green-energy” grids for e-cars are in place, but then let us be told about it for our peace of mind.

  16. Will they use batteries for their cars, or fuel cells/hydrogen tanks? If batteries, will they use different batteries in the 9-3 II from the ones that were planned for the test series of electric Saabs, and if so, how much higher will their capacity be (in kWh)?

  17. Will NEVS add an rang extender to their cars?
    I mean, it is still and electric car, even with an range extender. One that is powered by ethanol would be extremely cool and environmental.

  18. – Are NEVS planning to offer their production capacity to other car makers in order to utilize the Trollhättan plant to its fullest (contract manufacturing)?
    – We know NEVS can not use the round griffin logo, but can we get any official word on whether they will use the SAAB wordmark (which is very well recognized) in combination with a new symbol?
    – Will NEVS manufacture hybrid cars and/or electric cars with internal combustion engines as range extenders?
    – Will NEVS enter into a partnership with another car manufacturer to produce ethanol/gasoline/diesel powered cars under the Saab brand?

  19. I am overjoyed by the very direct and precise language NEVS uses in their press release, there is no beating around the bush, simply very firm and definite statements on important issues. I would hope they’d be as open to share whatever they can when talking to you.

    It would be great if you could find out as many FACTS about the future cars as possible.

    1. How will the car be different from the current 9-3 and what exactly will change (it is irrelevant if it is a part of Phoenix or not, it is important what the changes actually consist in)?
    2. Will the car be similar to the ePower or be the same car?
    3. What volumes do they envisage?
    4. Where (markets) and by whom will the cars be sold? Or is the plan to only lease them, while NEVS or some third party will retain ownership?
    5. What will happen in the next 18 months? What are the key milestones?
    6. Any information on persons already on board on all levels of management (who are they, what are their positions @ NEVS, what is the scope of responsibilities in that position)?

    • I would think that Swade would be a good person to project the image of Saab once again, but he has a life in Australia to think about as well. Regardless NEVS wants to have a very good and close relationship with SU and its fans.

  20. Apart from a heafty price, two things keep the sales of EVs low in number. Range and charging time. Will this be substantially better in the NEVS EV than in for example the Mitsubishi iMiev?

  21. Will they develop the car in silence and start marketing in ~1,5 years or will they already start building up the SAAB brand. I.e. when can we expect first signs of this new “brand” , think of logotypes, websites etc.

  22. The most important question for many of us, and Bravada touched on it:
    Does NEVS plan to sell their cars in North America/U.S. and other markets that Saab served when the bankruptcy was declared? If so, when can we expect to see NEVS products available for sale in our regions? Next most important—-will the range include petrol cars and/or hybrids, or only EVs? I believe future success of this venture rests on the answers to these questions.

  23. 1) Will NEVS produce the 9-3 without powertrain in Sweden, then ship it to China for assembly?
    2) What type of battery and electric motor will be used?
    3) Has SAAB AB (Defense) stated any conditions on the ratio (%) of manufactoring that will have to take place in Trollhättan Sweden in order for NEVS to license the brand name?

    Good luck

  24. Are different bodystyles going to be available from day 1 that NEVS is selling Saabs again? Or do they start with the 9-3 sedan and then take ANOTHER 4-8 months to have an estate and convertible ready? My suggestion: Start with the convertible so I don’t have to wait too long.

  25. The only thing that concerns me regarding electric cars is charging them. If the cars can only be charged from the grid, soon we will have the same issues that we have nowadays about who’s controlling oil supply. Can we expect to be able to charge them in our backyard with a solar panel for instance ? Seems to good to be truth…

    • Is it me or is it already possible to get a solar panel to hook up to anything you want to charge or power up? I don’t think electricity ever runs out. Perhaps the chemicals and metals used to produce energy is going to be trouble in the (near) future.

  26. Not a question to NEVS specifically, but to anyone here that may have the answer:

    If you live in a typical American apartment complex with a parking lot or tower with a parking deck underneath, how do you charge your car? Run an extension cord from your apartment to the parking lot?

    • In France you have special places in most public parking houses where electrical cars can be charged; this is nowadays even for free in most of these parings while supported by government.
      This will most probably change when more electrical cars appear on the roads but the solution as such is good for your example.

    • That is still being worked out. Some allow residents to plug in using outlets in the parking garage, but other buildings have banned it. Getting the right infrastructure in place is a real challenge.

    • In the netherlands you can have another connection built. We just set up an agreement with the corporation or appartment manager that takes care of the shared accommodations within your building(like the parking lot). You can have a connection and contactpoint built from the nearest powerline(already there in or outside the building), install your own meter and get a regular electric contract on to that meter. Just put a box and a lock over your connector and meter and you are safely charging your own EV on your own connection.

      And if you play it well, you can pick your favourite parking spot as well, since you have to pick a place to build the connection.

  27. Here’s a question:

    Will NEVS have a system that will only allow their EV’s to be powered by ‘green’ renewable power sources or will the smug drivers of battery powered vehicles still be able to charge their vehicles using oil, gas, coal and nuclear power sources and still drive around thinking they are saving the planet? 😉

  28. Are there different powerbands / power range for electric engines? Is it an engine which is already on the market or is it an own made product?

  29. 1. Do NEVS plan to retain the current dealer network (or what remains of it) here in the USA and around the world? Do they even CARE about current dealerships?
    2. Do they plan to reinstate warranties for 2010 and 2011 vehicles? If not, do they care about current Saab customers/loyalists?
    3. Are they focused entirely on the Chinese market in terms of the initial introduction of electric vehicles, or do they plan to launch these vehicles worldwide?
    4. Will they offer internal combustion engines or hybrid vehicles at all or in partnership with some other auto manufacturer?

  30. A couple of questions:

    Why does NEVSplan to exclude EVs the size of the 9-5 and the 9-4x when Tesla’s Model S and Model X are these sizes?

    Now that NEVS has acquired Saab will a partnering company be coming in to build vehicles other than EVs as rumoured?

  31. Dear NEVS,
    – How can Saab’s aircraft heritage be emphasized with just electrical vehicles (not much electricly driven aircraft, are there?)
    – Why is the current Saab owner / enthusiast almost completely ignored?
    – Is that because they’re realy not an important part of your idea of the future of Saab?
    – Should I wait for Saab to built a nice sporty turbocharged SUV or do you realy want us to buy a Volvo XC60 T6?

  32. Ok, to be honest, after reading the newer article is seems NEVS might care more about us enthusiasts than my 2nd and 3rd question implied, good thing…
    Still…, a Saab without turbocharging..?? no, not for me…

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