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I received a nice email this morning from our friend Martin who was at IntSaab Belgium last month where they celebrated the 25th birthday of the Belgium club and 30 years of international Saab Club meetings. Looking at the photo’s, it’s hard not to feel that for those of us who couldn’t be there really missed out.

In Martin’s words below, it sounds that Great Britain has its work cut out to try to match this years meet.

We had the most fantastic time and to be able to do 6 laps of Francorchamps race circuit was just the most amazing experience! The Belgian owners club put on an incredible event the likes of which I think would be very difficult to match.

I don’t know, I think they can do it. Great Britain will be celebrating 50 years of British Saab Clubs. The 2013 meeting will be held in Kettering in the heart of England and will be held August 2-4. Check out the Facebook page for IntSaab 2013 and start planning to be there if you can. They have a website too but it looks to still be under construction and given that 2012 IntSaab has just past, I’m a little surprised to already see so much coming together for the next.

Thanks again to Martin for his photo’s and good luck to those involved in next years event, I really look forward to seeing this come together.

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Getting an acount does not work; a pity; not able to see the piictures in the album.

hans h

What is the story of the nice pool, the lovely arch and the huge pile of rocks filling it?
(pics DSC_0233 and DSC_0237)
It looks … weird.

Martin T16s

Hans, yes I agree it looks a bit odd which is why I took the picture but I could not find any plaque or reference to it. It is a feature in one of the squares in the town of Spa.

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