Hirsch Carbon-Leather Dash for United Kingdom

ANA and SaabsUnited have started working together with a few special items and the first offer was for the Right-hand drive (RHD) Hirsch Carbon Leather dash panels for the United Kingdom. The instrument panel was intended for the Independence edition 9-3 and the parts were acquired by ANA from Saabs bankruptcy.

The panel will fit all 9-3′s from 2007-2012. This is an SU Exclusive offer and the amount available is very limited.

There are a few still available now via SaabsUnited for a price of 300 GBP* (2995 SEK) which is exactly the same price that ANA is offering the LHD version for in Sweden.

If you are interested in buying a right hand drive instrument panel, send us an order and once we have received payment, we will send you the instrument panel.

Send your order to [email protected]

*Price is depending on the exchange rate. Shipment within the UK is not included in the price!

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A very nice piece of interior. 🙂

Is it much work changing from the old one?

How much experience is needed for changing panels at home?


You can take a look at the instructional video:



Ah, thanks for the answer. And now for “level 2”. Im actually thinking about changing interior between two 9-3 SportCombi Aero 2008. So far Ive learnet that some of the plastic covers below the dashboard are attached to the entire big dash. (Not the one shown here but the one that goes from side to side and from the knees up to the front window.) Is there anyone who knows how to do that? Or any way of getting that kind of instructions? 🙂


Guys – you need to make it clear which cars this will fit. I don’t believe it is suitable for the “button dash” cars, only the “knob dash” cars, but you can confirm that. The older “button dash” cars had a different Hirsch leather dash, shinier with white hand stitching.

Peter Gilbert

Apart from the UK they would work in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc. It does look really sharp.


a 03-06 LHD carbon or leather (im not fussed) dashboard, my kingdom for a LHD carbon or leather one!

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