Intsaab 2012 Donate to help children with cancer.

Belgium Saab Club today handed over a cheque for €500 to the foundation for children with cancer.

The money was generated by the organisation committee of the meeting Intsaab 2012 in Spa which took place in early August.
Nicolas Demuynckn, great organiser on the left and Jan De Rijk, President of the Club on the right are seen handing the gift to Professor Yves Benoit.

Congratulations to you all.

3 thoughts on “Intsaab 2012 Donate to help children with cancer.”

  1. Nice job BSC! As a three time cancer survivor I thank you. But I’m an old fart. Nothing tears my heart out like seeing the kids with cancer at the center I go to for my ongoing treatment. Thanks for giving them a better chance.

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