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        • I wish Mahindra and SsangYong were selling cars in the U.S. It’s interesting—-Mahindra is spending a lot on advertising their tractors in the U.S. They have some effective television spots and I even see outdoor advertising (billboards) on my way to my weekend place a couple hours from where I live year-round. Mahindra might just be setting the pace to bring their trucks here—by getting people familiar with the name.

  1. We all know how long the 9-3 has been around. We’ve all talked about how “old” the design is. Here’s the thing: I don’t get tired of looking at it. I see 9-3s often in the Washington, DC area. I usually look inside them when I’m at my dealer getting my 9-5 serviced, waiting for my car. I’ll look on the lot—-and see 9-3s up close. I don’t care what anyone says—-they still look fresh. It’s why I thought Mahindra could make a go of it if they could have gained the authority to make and sell 9-3 sedans, wagons and convertibles while feverishly working on replacements for the 9-4 and 9-5 that stingy and bitter GM would not allow in the sale. And it’s also why I find some comfort in hearing that NEVS will begin with the 9-3 for their first EV. I think it’s perfect—-not the fact that it’ll be an EV and not the fact that I probably won’t be able to buy one anyway in the U.S.—-but the fact that they are starting WITH A SAAB!!! GM era maybe—–but this is a Saab through and through. The car in the photo is gorgeous.

  2. Looking at this car, is sad, no more for a very long time I would guess. On top of that, the so-called dock cars are starting to show up on American eBay. After they are sold , when will we see the next? Keep your fingers crossed, stay calm, and carry on.

  3. I have a 2008 Aero convertible which I still think is a great car. It was cool this morning in Florida and I pulled it out of the garage for first time in a few weeks. From an exterior standpoint I don’t think they need(ed) to do much to freshen the vert or the 9-3SS, maybe make it a little more aggressive looking but I’d put it up against anything BMW or Audi has to offer as far as aesthetics go. It will be a stylish car for years to come. The interior and infotainment features need(ed) to be brought up to date though. I think some of the NG 9-5 tech could have bled some life into the current 9-3 and bought some time. Pity it all came crashing down in the end. NEVS building any 9-3, I doubt it..

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