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For the few of you that don’t know about this company, LeanNova was founded in January of this year, and it was meant to be like a way to keep the Saab knowledge around Trollhättan, just in case this knowledge could be of interest in the future.

Over the weekend the local newspaper published an article about LeanNova with the title “The have gathered the Saab knowledge“.

Two days ago we announced that Kjel AC Bergström was hired by NEVS, now we know that LeanNova has already done some projects, initial studies as the CEO from LEanNova says, for NEVS. And LeanNova seems to be quite proud about their knowledge. On the question:

Will NEVS be able to survive without your help?

their answer is:

We do not believe it, says Oman and laughs.

LeanNova has been using the Saab Testing Facilities since last Spring, for customers like Volvo or Jaguar/Landrover (JLR) . On September 9 NEVS clarified that LeanNova will be allowed to continue working on the Saab testing facilities, even for other customers. So the old Saab engineers will keep working on their former environment.

And because LeanNova is growing constantly, they will have to move out of their current office at Innovatum and they will move to Stallbacka to the same building in Saabvägen 1, where Combitech inaugurated their new development centre in June.

(Combitech is another engineering consultancy that tried to attract as many former Saab engineers as possible, Combitech is a fully owned by Saab AB, the defence company. According to the rather old picture from Google StreetView, EDS/HP was in that building before, so I don’t think that those are NEVS buildings)

LeanNova plans to hire about 50 further engineers till years end, and they will try to attract further Saab engineers.

… We tie ourselves to those carelessly called “returnees” from Norway and Gothenburg, for example.

– Those who are tired of the E45, fills Frykman in.

(The E45 is the road between Trollhättan and Göteborg.)

15 thoughts on “News about LeanNova”

  1. Hi RedJ ….. thanks for this … it is good news

    Cars have a soul …. as many ex-SAAB engineers we can involve in NEVS, the more chances the SAAB soul has be returned to us as it once was ….

    griffin up!

    • Definitely true Carlo. I will add though, that not ALL cars have a lively soul. Some are appliances. Some are corporate robots. Saabs always had a soul—-even during the GM years—-a strong soul. And it was this group of designers/engineers who made that happen. Can they do it within the possible constraints at NEVS? That remains to be seen.

    • Bad news, since this is another indication that the battery miracle will not happen. Maybe, a plug-in hybrid should still be the next logical step, also for Saab.

  2. “LeanNova was founded in January of this year, and it was meant to be like a way to keep the Saab knowledge around Trollhättan, just in case this knowledge could be of interest in the future.”

    Geez, they (NEVS) simply could have consulted us here at SU and other Saab online forums and got the same, if not more, information ! 😉

  3. Ever since I heard of LeanNova, I knew they were going to be key to Saab’s rebirth.
    Before I get myself into trouble: I am just going to leave it at that …

  4. It cost 60,000$ to build a Chevy Volt. The out the door price is 30,000. Loss:30000.
    I saw 1 on the floor, at my former Saab dealer. However the Camaro RS Convertible next to it is what I’d buy. Hybrids and EV’s account for only 3% of US vehicle sales.

  5. How about the Prius? Hybrid sales are exploding in the US. If you take that 3% number that you are using, which on the face of it I doubt, then take out all the trucks, all the SUVs, and all the crossovers, and only count actual cars. I think you will find the percentage is a lot higher.

    • Have you driven a Prius?? they are revolting and their green credentials are a myth, exploding sales in the US just go to prove what bad taste the yanks have in cars and how easily they are led, just look what they did to Saab! Anyone buying a Prius has obviously never even sat in a Saab or they wouldn’t have wasted their $ on such an unrewarding drive. I borrowed a Prius for a week, if driven with any spirit they are actually more thirsty than my present 9.3 and not half as much fun.

      • Andrew,

        This Yank fully agrees with you.
        I really do not like GM, Ford, etc. They look horrible, are of poor quality construction(despite the hype) and most importantly feel like junk when driven.
        I prefer the Euro cars. I would even go with Korean before the home brands.
        So sad.

      • Well actually yes, I have driven the Prius and I found it delightful little car getting about 50 miles to the gallon. As you probably know is it is not an American car, though it now maybe produced here . I gather from your sharp comments that you are perhaps, an Englishman. Which is strange because if anything it reminded me of driving an Austin American. You know, full of cheap materials, built a slipshod way, wobbling all over the place but all in all, having a great deal of charm. I still prefer one of my Saab’s, but I like to keep an open mind, and a few bucks in my wallet.

  6. Let all pieces of the former Saab puzzle come together again, add NEVS souce and shake it a bit.
    Hope the image we will get is Saab again, adapted to the automotive needs of the future.
    Hope we all can buy Saab cars in the future that we recognise by their soul.

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