Parts Update From SPNA

I had promised a follow up to one of my recent post on Saab Parts North America. In that post there were some questions raised that I had forwarded to Tim Colbeck. Thanks again to Tim for taking the time to follow up on our questions and for always being available.

We need to remember that in a very short period of time considering all that has happened, Saab Parts has accomplished an awful lot and continue to work through everything in front of them.

Below are the questions and answers from the post:

When will they get DIC’s.

DI cassettes have been in stock and shipped to our OSCs.

Still cannot get a answer when I will be able to get a windshield for my 2011 9-5 NG.
I’m told maybe October, but they say that is just a guess.
Is SPNA going to ask St Gobain to start to produce these?
Because they are not going to appear out of wishful thinking.
Sooner or later someone needs to find a glass manufacturer to start making them, it is a bit frustrating to own a new car with cracked windshield and have no clue when you may expect to find one.
Don’t tell me Safelight auto glass either!
HUD/Lane departure/Rain Sense windshields are no where to be had!

A new vendor has been identified for 3 of the 4 windshields including the HUD/Departure, however we are still waiting on delivery dates

The other thing people are still wondering about is body panels and parts for the 9-4X and the new 9-5.

9-5 panels were stamped at the plant some are in stock now and others are in transit and should be available soon.  We expect to have a supply agreement for 94X panels soon and will let you know..

I know it’s not a lot of answers but we can at least see the ball in motion and the parts required should be on hand shortly if not already.

I also asked about warranties recently and have not had an answer as of yet but they do know that the questions are out there and will let me know when they have information to share.

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  1. Thanks, Jason. 3 out of 4 windshields, Wonder why? Hmmm…I hope the one they don’t have a vendor for is HUD/Lane Departure/Rain Sensing.

        • The four variants were:
          1. HUD/Rain Sensing/Lane Change camera (SG out-of-stock, no plans to make more)
          2. HUD/Rain Sensing (SG aftermarket part #FW03436)
          3. Rain Sensing/Lane Change camera (SG aftermarket part #FW03438)
          4. Rain Sensing only (did not inquire above availaibity)

          I have a loaded 2010 9-5 Aero. Bummed I could not get #1 above this past spring to replace a cracked shield, Safelite worked with SG Ohio and got me #2. I was going to sacrifice my lane change camera for the sake of the HUD. Safelite got it in, but we did not install it as with this configuration, the opening for the camera was on a different side than the #1 configuration opening–the sensor and camera spots were reversed.

          We then ordered #3 above and installed it … a windshield not designed for HUD. And sure enough, the HUD projection is 1% blurry now on my windshield. Not unreadable by any means, but not as crisp as it once was on the OEM SG glass.

          So, my conclusion is I really needed glass #1 above. I bet that is the one SPNA still cannot get.

          BTW … the retail price for my glass #3 above was ~$1100 through Safelite. SAAB list price for the OEM glass “back in the day” was ~$630. Luckily my insurance picked it all up, minus my deductible.

          • That is precisely the windshield they SHOULD be getting. I believe most Aeros in NA have HUD, Lane Departure, and Rain Sensing. Time will tell, I guess.

            • Interesting that someone just received an entire head light assembly, quite a complex item.
              But a piece of glass that can be made by several auto glass manufacter’s is such a Elusive and unavailable part.. If such a simple and much needed part is put on the back burner scares me a bit? Will I find one in the next twelve months? I dont mind waiting BUT please give us a date to expect these..that would restore a ton of confidence!

    • dcpattie…. You must have skimmed and missed reading the last sentence…. sadly, nothing yet 🙁

      Mr. Colbeck, thank you for addressing the Saab community with as much info as you can share. Please keep us updated with any 2010/11 warranty issues.

    • I had heard from a parts manager that since GM was bailed out with tax payer $$$, that there is pressure in Congress ( call your Congressman) that GM may be require to honor warranties for the 2010 and newer Saabs if Saab was not purchased by someone who would cover them.

  2. Ugh, I’ve needed a new door for my 2011 9-3 since Memorial day and all I hear from the body shop is “backordered.” I’d kill for a door that wasn’t completely mashed in. Any ideas on who I can beg?

    • SAY WHAT?! Really? Do you have a link to a document or something that states this? Dickey are being dicks and saying “there is no more GM, we dont sell saab anymore, we dont do warranty work on saab anymore”

      • Last Sunday they still had a new 2010 9-3 vert on the new car lot. They also had a 2008 9-3 vert on the used car lot. The GM sold Saabs may or may not be covered by GM paid warranty coverage. I know they had not been paid by GM for recent warranty work at least up to a few weeks ago. The Last group of new Saabs sold this year were available with non-GM warranties if you bought one. What their current warranty status is I don’t know. My last service was on 31 May 2012 with reprograming of new key fobs – non-wararanty work. If GM and no one else either is paying for warranty work you may not find them to be very enthusiastic about working on your Saab without payment.

        Just a thought. And, remember this whole situation continues to evolve.

        • I’m confused with your comment. If you bring a car in that right now has no warranty in place, that would be a customer pay service and I don’t think you’d find a dealer not happy to do the work. If you are talking about the GM covered warranties for 09 and older, GM is supposed to pay but it may be tricky as the dealer from my understanding may need to have an agreement in place with a GM shop where they are sublet the warranty work and the GM dealer claims for it even though most GM dealers couldn’t do the work themselves, it’s kind of a stupid set up but it’s the way GM has done it. Extended GM warranties or aftermarket are not affected at all though. GM will pay for the warranty work on 09 and older but the dealer may have some hoops to jump through.

          • On 31 May 2012 I had non-warranty service performed at Scoggin-Dickey. At that time I was told in the service dept. that the dealership had performed Warranty work on 7 pre-2010 Saabs for which payment had been requested from GM but not paid at that time. I have not had any further updates. The dealership sells Buick and Chevrolet. My 2008 basic warranty expired on 9/3/2012. Because of all the warranty confusion, I decided not to extend my warranty. I may maptun instead.

            • That’s ridiculous that they are a GM dealer too and have yet to be paid, great service GM. Guess they don’t care of their existing dealer body either. GM should have made sure their dealers are paid for work that they have told customers would be covered. Its one thing to tell the public that you will cover warranties on GM sold Saabs to make yourself look good but in no way should they expect the dealer to do it and sit there not being paid. I hope there is an explanation for this. So you know, if you extend your warranty, you can have warranty work done anywhere like a Saab dealer for example. Extended warranties are nice that way and have helped us see our former Saturn customers come back because of a difference in service experience. Maptun or Hirsch would be a great upgrade to add some fun to your care too.

              • Scoggin-Dickey has not been paid by GM for warranty work on 2008 or 2009 Saabs during 2012 according to their service manager. Updated today. I scheduled routine non-warranty service for my 2009 9-3 in a couple of weeks.

  3. Thanks very much for your updates, Jason.

    I have a quick Q that may have already been answered in the past elsewhere. Is the supply chain for key FOBs (remote only) steady now, and will there be any foreseeable interruptions of it that may affect (increase) pricing ?

    • Ken, I believe they are available now and much easier to find then before. I replaced two in the last few months on used cars. Don’t think there will be interruptions to affect pricing.

  4. Jason, I looking for front slip spoiler , for my 9-3 vector model 2003, if you have a dealer information in McAllen Texas or Texas Valley area, I really appreciate your help. thank you

    • 2003 9-3 Vector was my first ever car. When I was in the market I tracked it down to its current home in CO and even called a PI to try to track it down. Ended up getting a new one though. I put 35k on it in 3.5 years, it only had 65k as of last year.

  5. Jason,

    Is SPNA looking at alternative distribution models?
    My closest dealers are now 200 and 500 km away (Montreal and Toronto). As far as I can tell, they don’t pursue sales to non-local customers.

    Things would be a whole lot simpler if SPNA and/or a third party could sell parts outside of the old dealership structure. I’m thinking either an association with an established parts distributor, or a direct web portal.

    I would buy from your shop, but ground shipping takes a week.

    • where I am there are at least two indy shops that carry Saab parts and work outside the dealer or service network of Saab. You may want to search for an indy Saab shop, I know Saab Parts has added service centers that are not dealers in the US but I think it’s a matter of a good indy shop contacting them to be a part of the network.

  6. My 2011 9-5NG was the recent victim of a parking lot hit and run. Lucky for me, two witnesses took photos of the vehicle leaving the scene, and the police were successful in apprehending the person.

    More good news – my auto body shop had NO problem getting the necessary parts to repair the vehicle. Parts included a headlight assembly, bumper and front fender.

    Now, about my warranty…and factory service…


  7. Our Saab Laval (Canada) dealer is closed since May 25, 2012, without notice, and it seems that he has deleted all the information about ordered parts. I was waitng for two parts under warranty for my 2008 Turbo X.

    This is not the behaviour I’m expecting from a Saab dealer or any car dealer.

    I hope someone is working on a solution. I may not be the only one in this situation in North America.

    • unfortunately, dealers act independently from Saab and Saab Parts and can pull out of Saab if they choose to. I know your frustration and have heard of this closing that you speak of. As mentioned above somewhere, the solution may need to be an indy service centre deciding that they see a good opportunity and sign up with Saab parts to be a service centre.

    • Thank you Jason, I’m still very optimistic about Saab.

      Gravel Saab is taking care of us now.

      It’s just unprofessionnal for a Saab dealer who has decided to close his dealership to not share the information about B.O. parts with another dealer who is continuing to take care of us Saab owners.

  8. Thank you, Jason, for reaching out to Tim on behalf of owners everywhere. I also have met him and found Tim to be sincere and dedicated beyond what would be considered expected given the situation he was in. We are very lucky to have someone like him available and willing to answer our questions.
    This is great information to use in educating customers who currently own newer generation SAABs and for those considering bidding with me in potential future sales.

    • Thanks for all you do as well Julie. As far as Tim goes, I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again too, most people would have ran away before the bankruptcy. His job has been far from easy and he went from running Saab Cars NA to trying to get SPNA back on its feet and he has done it. When Saab entered bankruptcy I had asked him what his plans were and he told me he was going to see this through and that he couldn’t leave things the way they were, he felt that as the leader of Saab Cars NA that he had a duty to the Saab owners. They once gave an award to Swade, I personally feel Mr Colbeck more deserving than anyone of some kind of award so for now I will just recognize him for being a true hero to the Saab community. He is what everyone here is saying he is and I am fortunate to be able to be connected in any way to him.

      • Tim Colbeck traveled a great distance in snow and freezing cold weather for a meet and greet with our group of Saab owners/enthusiasts. He refused to make false promises or sugar-coat the situation. I won’t pretend to know him—but from that brief talk he gave the owners—for the fact that he was even there that day—-he’s an executive with integrity, one that Saab was lucky to have leading them in America.

  9. I called a cell phone number posted on this website some months ago for Mr. Colbeck. I was surprised he answered and took my call, that changed my perception a bit, but lack of warranty coverage on my 2011 aside, I would have appreciated more communication from SCNA and now SPNA about the situation rather than having to search the internet for it.

    • I don’t know how you think this can be handled better then it has. Think of the size of most companies like this and their customer support teams and such, now think of SCNA who in the end was Tim Colbeck by himself and then the start up of SPNA first employee Tim Colbeck. He and a very small team are handling getting absolutely everything in place on their own. You may have appreciated more communication from them but I think given the circumstances, we are fortunate to have gotten information as quick as we have. Heck, you called Tim and he took the call, I can’t think of many in his position that would.

  10. I have a 2011 Saab 93 XWD and the hydraulic pump motor went out and there are no pumps to be had. Have tried contacting Haldex about their piece of crap AWD System but got no response. Car only has 25,600 miles on it when it went bad.

    Is there any intention for people in the United States to get warranty coverage or are we just screwed.

    Garry Warner

    • Gary, as the last line of this post states, they are aware of questions like yours and are in the process of looking into it. I wish I had a better response for you, all I can say for sure is that they are looking in to this stuff as we speak. Saab Parts North America has had to build itself up from scratch with few employees, I know that doesn’t help for someone in your position and an am truly sorry for that.

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