Social Media And Saab

Saab is in a state of limbo at the present time and finding information other then what you see posted on Saabs United is more difficult then doing one handed push ups. Personally, besides the email contacts that I have and the friends that are plugged into the process in different parts of the world, I search google every morning and afternoon and read every little piece of anything I can find.

One of the best things in this day and age of the computer and more so the internet is social media and how it keeps us connected. I know some people don’t like applications like Facebook, if memory serves me correct even Red J here has yet to become a part of the Facebook generation. For me personally, it keeps me connected and helps me to see a bigger than me picture of Saab and the people that still love what it means to be Saab.

Just the other day I was on Facebook and noticed that Peter Dörrich, the man behind the 9-4X and the 9-5 Sports Combi who is now working with Rolls Royce still has a profile and banner photo that are Saab related. Honestly that put a smile on my face to see that Saab is as important to him today as it always has been and why not? He has been a big part of some of the nicest Saab’s I’ve ever seen. A pleasant bonus to see the day after that he will attend Octoberfest.

I also keep up with different clubs and meets across the world. Today for instance, I saw the Saab Club of San Diego has some members at the Coronado Speed Festival in San Diego. The photo’s below are from club member Zachary Rehfeld and the event is at the North Island Naval Air Station.

It also looks like he is enjoying his time at this event.

One thing I never thought much of that is until I received an email about it was the ads on the right side of the Facebook screen. For the most part I have found them to be annoying and basically useless. Then I received an email that made me think otherwise.

There’s good news and bad news. Bad news is that VOB Saab is no more. This was the second largest Saab dealership in the Washington DC area I believe. This wasn’t a complete shock as they closed the main storeroom service center a few months ago and shipped servicing and car sales to a site up the road (which quite frankly, looked more like a 2nd hand car showroom).
Apparently they are now gone for good. Instead Saab Rockville has hired all the engineers and bought all the equipment instead.
Ironically I only found out about this on Facebook, as an ad for Saab Rockville kept popping up.



PS. VOB Saab was a thriving business in its day. But it might not just be because of Saab that the dealership went under. I noticed VOB BMW has also disappeared and been replaced by BMW of Rockville.

This makes me wonder the value in Facebook advertising. Paul most definitely would not have found out about the Rockville Saab dealer if it hadn’t shown up on his Facebook account. Is social media the best way to connect with Saab fans? The vast majority of people are now online in one way or another and websites are becoming more and more user friendly, this may be an easy way to hit the most amount of traffic in the shortest amount of time.

I know it’s too early to start a marketing campaign but could social media be a cost effective way of communicating Saab’s message when they are ready to put it out there?

Please know that I am not suggesting this to be the only way, but if done right, it may be a cost effective way and something that could show great success. Another thing to think is that with videos that go viral all the time on Youtube, it may be neat to look at things like a Youtube commercial contest where people submit their own commercials. We may even be surprised that the average Joe could come up with something more interesting then a company paid top dollar to come up with something catchy. Hey if this Gangnam Style video can go viral, I think it’s fair to say anything can and at this point of the game, I’m open to look at anything seen as different.

Notify of

I see the Facebook thing as part cult and part invasion of privacy. (Look up “data mining.”) I personally have no interest in it and don’t get involved. The youngsters seem to enjoy it, though.

Angelo V.

I love Facebook—-found a bunch of old high school and college friends who I had lost contact with—-it’s lots of fun if you do it right. As for car manufacturers reaching buyers—-and similiar pursuits—-I really don’t know. It seems sort of random to me, hit or miss.


I defaced for reasons Stallman puts well into words:
I know I miss some of its functionality, but to me to lay myself open to uncontrolled commercial interest is unacceptable. And I am all for competition and free enterprise…
Social media can be great, but Facebook is not, IMHO.

900 classic cab

It all depends on the target customers. If you wanna go POP, that’s the way (personally speaking, I’d rather not). If they intend to keep current customers and still go after new ones, now that’s the tricky part !

Kyle Hudson

My uncle currently works for vob now known as BMW of rockville. The man behind that operation is Lou Cohen, owner of BMW and Mini of towson, not to mention most of towson, Maryland. My father used to work at his mini car dealer. He is a decent businessman…but very arrogant. Glad to know San came back to rockville. Means I can make my microcenter visits meaningful again.

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