Swedish Television examines the controversies around Saab — part II

As Tim reported a few weeks ago, Swedish television have explored part of the story of what went on in 2011 concerning Saab. The program can be viewed on svtplay.se and parts of it is in English.

I won’t go into details, but some quick notes to follow:

Most of what was revealed has been reported here on SU before, but tied neatly together to present a more fleshed out picture of the situation.

Victor gave the reporters full access to his e-mail archive and there was a significant change in the way SweGov communicated with VM after Saab asked for approval of Antonov. Prior to the crisis, Victor was invited to the 50th birthday of a SweGov official (Hans Lindblad), and afterwards all he got was “your official contact with swegov is nn”.

Hans Lindblad figured in the talks between Geely and Guy Lofalk

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Saab and 007

Top Gear (UK) had a great programme on the TV tonight which featured 50 years of “Bond Cars”

Richard was the host and he mentioned cars from both the books and the films, sadly he missed one out, well more than one, but one that is special to us here at SU.

The Saab 900 Turbo stared in three novels and was a personal car of Bonds and not one from the brilliant Q.
In 1982 Saab constructed a  real version of the 900 Turbo with the gadgets exactly as described in License Renewed. This 900 included a specially developed turbo changed engine with water injection, increasing the power to 240 BHP from 2000cc and the car launched from 0 – 60 Mph in less than 7 seconds. Martin Lyons from Cardif remembers having it at a dealership he once worked in and remembers the inch thick glass windows.

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Past, Present and Future. Some Thoughts…

Sometimes things seem to be much further in the past than they really are, even more if lots of things happened since then. So last week I was reminded that it was only one year ago that the German Dealer Tour started.

Back then the team of Saab Germany came up with the idea of a tour through the entire county to show the soon-to-come 9-4x and 9-5 SC to the potential customers. It was a long fight until the idea could become reality as some departments at Saab were not sure if it was a good idea to let customers take a closer look at those pre-production models. But the team did not give up on the idea and finally got the ok.

Throughout that tour it became clear that the Saab customers really liked the character of that presentation.

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Our Road trip to Oktoberfest ’12

This time last week we were nearly back in England, having covered almost 3,750km, 2,330 miles (in total) across six countries, twice, apart from Sweden.

Oktoberfest was a great occasion as it was last year. The difference this time around was that I had company during the travels. Martin, who will tell you he did 7 countries as he lives in Wales and Nicolas and Amaat from Belgium.

We arrived to a stunning sun set in Trollhättan and were lucky to see a tanker about to enter the top part of The Locks. Then it was a quick visit to the Museum to meet the SU crew and a few other welcome faces. While we were there I had to take a look at the NG 9-5 SW and have a dream.

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Neo Brothers – Huge Shipment Of Brand NEW Genuine Saab Parts!!

A few weeks back some of the team ventured over to Sweden to partake in a bit of a “Shopping Spree”. We spent a good 4 or 5 days patrolling Saabs humongous warehouses and this resulted in a convoy of articulate lorries making the long journey back to our warehouse in Waltham Cross, United Kingdom, full of goodies!

Just a fraction of the parts consisted of complete wing mirrors and headlamps for the NG 9-5, there are also a range of parts for the 9-3 Sport 2010 onwards but we will update you all in full detail very soon!

Just the tip of the iceberg…

Keep your eyes pealed for the new products hitting our webshop soon!


Neo Brothers

A Celebration Of Life

This is off topic but needs to be shared. Many of you already know or have heard of the tragedy that took place at East of Sweden in Colorado last week. I did a post on our Facebook page about it but if you didn’t hear, I will give you a little background.

East of Sweden is an independent Saab repair shop in Broomfield, Co and a favorite of many Saab fans. Friday October 12th at about 2pm a man who once was a roommate of Mary McGrath, who was an employee and face of East of Sweden, entered the shop. He had a short conversation with the owner whom he knew very well. As the owner left the room, Mary entered and the suspect pulled out his weapon and proceeded to shoot.

There is more to the story online including the suspects name, but I see no point in publishing such things because it makes them be the spotlight and this is not where the spotlight should be. The individual had actually planned on killing a hotel employee as well and himself, not the kind of person to deserve any spotlight in my books.

Customers and friends alike on social media and in the local papers have express sadness to a lady who was very nice and a pleasure to deal with saying she didn’t have a mean bone in her body.

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Event at Saab Car Museum

Guests have started arriving, and albeit a bit after scheduled time things are looking good.
We will be updating this post with pictures and short summaries when possible!

Introductions have just started
Magnus Hansson – Former Global Products Manager SAAB.
Worked at Saab whole career.
Live in Gothenburg, a typical Volvo town but still a Saab fan.
Started of working with business analazys, after sale, product stuff.
Final two years responsible for sales in Sweden.

Peter Dörrich – – Former Vehicle Chief Engineer at Saab.
Started off at production. Worked for 32 years.
Went into purchasing, engineering. In 2000 started off in US working with SUV’s.
Came back working as Chief Engineer in Sweden.

Peter Bäckström – Curator of the Saab Car Museum, worked there since -95.
Started off in engineering 1984. Worked with testing among other things until -95 when he changed over the Saab Car Museum.

General discussion, very relaxed and interesting among Magnus, Peter & Peter, Tim and Rune.
Video coverage might end up from the evening a few minutes after it’s over.

New Book to be launched at Oktoberfest. update

Sadly the book is not ready but Nicolas will still be promoting his book in Trollhattan;

He will also be bringing along a few bottles of the Saab 64 beer from Spa as a gift for anybody who reserves a copy of his new book;

We all know that Nicolas Demuynck from Belgium spent the last year helping to put together the IntSaab2012 event in Spa, we also knew that he found time to get married to the lovely Ellen but while he was doing all this he was also writing his book about Saab.

He is planning to launch his new book called Saab 64 at this years Oktoberfest get together in Trollhattan.

The book will be in English, Dutch and French.
The forward is from Swade, with Jeff (Golfhunter) contrubuting, especially for the French texts.
There are very rare archive photos from me, and also from the German, Wolfgang Schmel and the Swede, Stefan Ciabatti.
The price will be €24,95 and the book can be pre ordered on [email protected]
Those people that pre order will be given a 5% discount.
I will also be bringing a few copies to Trollhattan.

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