Convoy from Germany to Trollhättan 2012

Not long now until we start our journey to Trollhättan for Oktoberfest 2012.
As last year we will be travelling over two days, (starting on Thursday morning), our first leg will take us through France, Denmark, Holland and Germany.
(You can travel with us on the first day if you wish but dont forget we will be staying in Bomlitz for the night and leaving about 6am Friday morning. I’ll happily email details of our planned route to anybody interested.)
I will have company this year, my good friend Martin Lyons will be travelling with me. Better than travelling alone like I did last year.
We will be collecting Nicolas (saabfarm and intsaab2012 fame) and his friend up in Belgium.
Our over night stop will be in Bomlitz before heading for Puttgarden on Friday morning.

So, here are the plans for our journey on Day 2. You are welcome to Convoy with us from Northern Germany to Trollhättan.
I have listed the location ideas and maps as last year but with revised timings. I would like to get to the museum in day light this year if possible.
I hope you can understand what I have tried to plan.


meet just outside the ferry terminal,
We are booked onto the 09.45,
so we will join the queues at 09.15.

meet and re-group as we leave the ferry in the lay-by,
we will leave no earlier than 10.30
meet in the service area, just after junction 30, E20/E47/E55
we will leave no earlier than 12.00


Those arriving near the Helsingborg Area,
continue towards the E6/E20
meet at the service area, Hotel Eriksson, Preem Fuel station.
Just off the E6/E20 onto the 112, (Junction 33)
we will leave no earlier than 13.40


Those arriving at Varberg,
continue towards the E6/E20
meet at the service area at the junction of the E6/E20 and the 41.
(Junction 55)
we will leave no earlier than 16.10


437 93 Lindome

Meet at the Shell Services which are about 4km after junction 61,
this will be a “splash and dash” stop.


we have decided not to stop at Ikea this time as the car park was very busy last year.
But hopefully the convoy will still be together as we pass by so you can join in with us.

We will then take the 45 and head for Trollhättan


Trollhättan Saab Museum
Our plan is to arrive at the Saab Museum at 18.30.
Here we will meet up with everybody else before departing to our hotels.

I have tried to do the whole route at this link,

Notify of

Hi Robin,
Just for my understanding while you have my friend Nicolas with you; what date is your first day? ( perhaps I missed that but I do not see a date in your schedule).
Do I understand you arrive on Friday evening, October 12th?


I think maybe we join you on the way because we have no possibility to start earlier than 1PM from north of Germany

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