Convoy to Oktoberfest Two.

Thinking ahead.

Do you fancy repeating our Convoy from the South just like we did for last years event?

I’ll be travelling the same route as last year, through Germany, Denmark and Southern Sweden at would happily try and make a route for you all.
Lets see how the feedback goes and I’ll get to work on it.

8 thoughts on “Convoy to Oktoberfest Two.”

  1. Still remember the days when i took the first visit to Trollhattan last Oktoberfest.It was nice and it will always in my mind.Thanks to saabsunited teams.Have a nice trip RobinM 🙂

  2. Unfortunately I can’t attend in Trollhättan but I am glad to see that so many will come. However, I feel sorry that Robin, who I think do a lot for SaabsUnited, has get so few comments to his question about a convoy.

  3. How is your planned route? I am not sure if we can join you at puttgarden because we are starting a little later than last year. So maybe we are joining the group at one of the other stops.

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