Event at Saab Car Museum

Guests have started arriving, and albeit a bit after scheduled time things are looking good.
We will be updating this post with pictures and short summaries when possible!

Introductions have just started
Magnus Hansson – Former Global Products Manager SAAB.
Worked at Saab whole career.
Live in Gothenburg, a typical Volvo town but still a Saab fan.
Started of working with business analazys, after sale, product stuff.
Final two years responsible for sales in Sweden.

Peter Dörrich – – Former Vehicle Chief Engineer at Saab.
Started off at production. Worked for 32 years.
Went into purchasing, engineering. In 2000 started off in US working with SUV’s.
Came back working as Chief Engineer in Sweden.

Peter Bäckström – Curator of the Saab Car Museum, worked there since -95.
Started off in engineering 1984. Worked with testing among other things until -95 when he changed over the Saab Car Museum.

General discussion, very relaxed and interesting among Magnus, Peter & Peter, Tim and Rune.
Video coverage might end up from the evening a few minutes after it’s over.

3 thoughts on “Event at Saab Car Museum”

  1. I felt kind of sad when Peter Dörich talked about the capabilities of the eXWD system that had to be used for the next 9-3.

    Although Audi may be using a similar system in the next A4 in 2014-2015, the next 9-3 with the hybrid eXWD system could leapfrog anything currently available on the market.

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