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  1. What concerns me the most is: Will NEVS keep the SAAB wordmark? They can of course change the colour, shading etc. but the basic shape is extremely well recognized and has a lot of authority. It would work very well together with a new symbol. Can we get an official word on this?

    • My understanding is that the woodmark must be changed, as well. All NEVS got was the name. I believe you can find that info on here, or by googling Saab logo.

    • The word mark will stay the same according to my information!

      I think that even though its still called Saab NEVS needs to differentiate what was and what is to come to sort of mark a new beginning… but looking back is very seldom the right way to go…

        • This is from greencarreports.com, but I’ve also seen it several other places…
          NEVS has announced that although it holds the rights to the Saab name, the present logotype will not be used–so Saab may well be rebranded to fit in with the new all-electric plan.

        • Heck, it’s on NEVS’s website…
          NEVS has signed a licensing agreement with Saab AB regarding the rights to use the Saab brand name for its future vehicles. The vehicle manufacturing company is named National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, “NEVS”. The vehicles and related products and services will be named SAAB. The present logotype will not be used.

        • I’m now more confused then ever, the fact that they say logotype and not logo would make me question wether or not the wordmark/logotype will stay the same……. If Tim has been told it will stay the same though, I trust his information and think that it may just be being translated wrong on their site.

    • I would suggest that, if not possible to use the old Aieroplane logo (remember that the SAAB company was founded in Trollhättan 1937, 75 years ago), the we should propose the famous and powerful Trohhättan City Logo, “STRÖMKARLEN” (Man of power), cut in to a huge granite block att the upper waterfall damm in town.
      This magnificient sculpture reminds of the early days Trollhättan where also the Natinal Hydro Power caompany “Vattenfall” was started and the subsequent construction of famous hydro power stations, waterfall taming and the Locks for ships traffic on the canal.
      If you come to THN next week, pls take a look at this powerful granite figure head.

  2. “The important thing for us is to have the Saab name,” a NEVS spokesman recently told just-auto from Sweden. “The Griffin logo is not that important…because we want to build our own identity.”

    Yes, of the two, the SAAB brand name was/is the core raison d’etre for NEVS to want to acquire the company. The Griffin logo, while very much tied to the brand identity for many people (incl. yours truly) would be a loss to those of us who like it, it’s more dispensable regardless of whether they acquired the rights to use it or not.

    But I would prefer the Saab twin-propeller be updated to something more modern, jet-like. Hmmm, maybe GM was onto something with the BFJ slogan, however “incorrect” it was 😉

    • What about the logo type – does the font also need to change?

      I liked the Griffin but Phoenix concept looked great (at least the front end) and did not use the Griffin. If that was the “front end / grill” of the future for Saab than I would so wow and continue!

  3. OK, with the risk of stepping on some toes…..


    Sorry Jason, always like your well balanced comments, so no personal attack intended. I think there are more important issues to resolve than what kind of logo to use.

    Btw, the Tesla S is a pretty pretty car. If NEVS ever comes out with something similar for half the price, then I’m game.

    • The Model S is a nice looking machine. I almost plunked down $5K a couple of years ago for the ability to purchase one – but when you look at extended battery range and all of the goodies, you are up to a $75K car. Too rich for me.

    • Your not stepping on toes and I get that who cares comment but some do. There are way bigger issues to be resolved yes but with no news to report on them, we have to give opinions on what is being written. Well I guess we don’t have to but this article interested me so thats why I wrote about it. I’m also not justifying my writing as I know that’s not what you’re asking either but a lot of people do care about the little things too.

      Yes the Tesla S is a pretty car and I think the future of electric cars is in line with that, I think to sell, companies are realizing they need something incredibly eye appealing to do so.

    • Actually, branding is an important issue that we all need to understand (as this is something that NEVS absolutely needs to get right – should a rebirth ever take place). And to be honest, I was interested to hear VM’s perspective on this.

      That being said: the Tesla Model S is indeed a work of beauty. Being among Tesla’s stomping grounds, I’ve seen a few Model S’s driving around. I’ve also seen some Karma Fiskers as well but to me the Model S’s are much nicer looking.

    • This kind of encompasses it all, new and old in this post. Didn’t even mention Spyker and the relevance is in that people have asked about the Saab griffin logo and what NEVS will do and VM points out that even under his control the logo was going to change and NEVS talks about creating their own. Karl I’m sorry but I will always write on the things that interest me, hopefully my next post is one you will interest you as much as I.

  4. Just to mention, By the end the Griffin was flying off the 2000’s 9-5 and 9-3 ,hence people bought stickers and other ways to keep in place. I have yet to see a airplane logo type , fly off and two stroke or v4 Saab.

    If feel the Griffin wanted to be let go, that was it’s way of showing it’s wants for freedom!

    The airplane logo is a very cool logo and can hold it’s own!

  5. I’m in the camp that is happy to say goodbye to the griffin. I think it overstayed its welcome anyway. I like the SAAB logotype—-I wouldn’t even go back to the airplane logo. If NEVS is not allowed to use the exact font for SAAB (duplicating the old logotype) they should just pick a new, similar font and stick with a simple SAAB identification.
    Only thing that rubs me the wrong way—–is the notion that the departure is simply for them to forge their own image—-based on electric vehicles. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that if they stubbornly stick with EVs only, they might not need to worry about logos in a few years. You need to be in business to have a logo.

  6. Nothing says innovation like a prop plane logo from the 1930’s. Kind of explains why spyker has such a stupid looking logo. Whats up with this guy and propellers?

    Stick with the type logo and stay true to clean scandinavian design.

  7. Although I liked the Griffin, I’m not bothered about it not staying. The font for Saab is very identifiable and would be nice if stayed. As for logo, the plane logo is good, if a little contrived for modern usage. I would think NEVS will create something modern and with an “electric” theme… 🙂

  8. To paraphrase Bill Clinton: it’s the name, stupid. The SAAB/Saab wordmark is what it’s all about. I have a Griffin-era Saab, and I like the logo, but the Griffin is really of no significance next to the Saab name. Besides, as we all know, Trollhattan is in Vestergotland, not Skane. So it’s not as if there is a deep connection between the home of Saab and the home of the Griffin. It was cut when Saab was divested from Scania. It’s time to take the Saab name forward. The more I hear about Nevs and their approach, the more I like.

  9. Since I haven’t seen it mentioned yet, if they go to just the name word mark which I would like, you won’t have a logo that fade or loses color over the years. That’s one thing I didn’t like about the griffin logo, the old Scania ones always faded and needed replacing.

  10. This time I agree with VM 100% the Griffin logotype was never right for SAAB. Good for Scania Trucks but not for SAAB. Well it is all history now but lets hope NEVS go for the historical correctness. The links above goes to the who logotypes I did out of the Province of Västergötlands Coat of Arms.

  11. I think any association with jets and the SAAB logo is a bad idea its exactly the opposite of what NEVS is trying to do . SAAB is about caring for the enviroment as well as its other facets.

    • I hate to admit it (because I have a certain disdain for ecoweenies) but Andy is right. If the idea (flawed as it is) is to position Saab as a company who is “saving the planet” then there shouldn’t be jets or airplanes associated with their logo. A simple SAAB will do. Now, I take exception to the idea of shunning internal cumbustion engines (including those oh so fun turbos) in this “march to save the world.” But if that’s what they’re doing….then goodbye Jets. The new theme could be “Born from Jets, Adopted by kooky tree huggers.”

  12. Angelo,I have been a Saab man for over twenty years now but that does not stop me from looking to the future . Saab has a future and its one I am more than happy to go along with you cannot stand still ,I love turbo charged engines ,in fact the engines I work on make Saab turbo chargers look like toys, but as steam had its day so to the internal combustion engine .There will be an overlap but as better technology is developed things will change and I would rather see Saab leading the way as it did before instead of being left in the past.

    • The question becomes, how long will that overlap be, and will there be victims who look like idiots, including GM for the failed Volt, Fisker…NEVS? The key is the overlap. There is enough oil to power automobiles and trucks for a few generations at least (six decades or more). Many of us don’t believe that driving these gasoline powered cars is causing the destruction of our planet. Let’s not even get into that debate here, because the two sides are very unlikely to change each others minds. But the bottom line is that if the cars we love today are allowed by governments to continue in production (and I plan to vote for people who will appoint department heads who let today’s gas/diesel cars continue for the foreseeable future)—-it could be a long, long time before we’re cornered into buying EVs we don’t want. If your point is that NEVS will actually make the EV we DO want, regardless of whether we can buy a gas engined car or not—-then I say, I hope you’re right and I hope NEVS can do it. If they can bring a compact/intermediate sized car to the market that is safe and affordable, with a battery range of several hundred miles, I’ll strongly consider one for my next car instead of buying another car with an internal cumbustion engine. On the wish list would be an auxillary engine—-even a tiny one—-that could nurse me to a charging station if the car flat ran out of electric. I don’t know if that’s in their plans. Can they do this? No one else has been able to. If they position themselves as the leader in hybrids—-hybrids only—-I think they’d stand a much better chance of long term success than if they go EV only. Toyota has proven that there is a market for hybrids. It’s possible that the new Saab could actually parlay that into something special—hybrids at all sizes and price ranges, Swedish engineering and design, Asian technology and quality, priced to compete around the world. I just don’t think we’re ready for all electric, all the time though.

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