Neo Brothers – Huge Shipment Of Brand NEW Genuine Saab Parts!!

A few weeks back some of the team ventured over to Sweden to partake in a bit of a “Shopping Spree”. We spent a good 4 or 5 days patrolling Saabs humongous warehouses and this resulted in a convoy of articulate lorries making the long journey back to our warehouse in Waltham Cross, United Kingdom, full of goodies!

Just a fraction of the parts consisted of complete wing mirrors and headlamps for the NG 9-5, there are also a range of parts for the 9-3 Sport 2010 onwards but we will update you all in full detail very soon!

Just the tip of the iceberg…

Keep your eyes pealed for the new products hitting our webshop soon!

Neo Brothers

8 thoughts on “Neo Brothers – Huge Shipment Of Brand NEW Genuine Saab Parts!!”

  1. I’m glad parts are available but the prices from NB can be quite high. And now it seems, unless I misunderstood, that OEM parts are scattered between at least 3 sources, ANA, Saab Parts and Neo Bros. Unless they are all networked it could make it overly complicated to track down who has what part, especially outside of Europe.

  2. Thank you, it helped.

    Via the news release, they have formed a new parts US company.

    FYI, A private distributor,, is handling the official SAAB Parts in the U.S.

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