New Book to be launched at Oktoberfest. update

Sadly the book is not ready but Nicolas will still be promoting his book in Trollhattan;

He will also be bringing along a few bottles of the Saab 64 beer from Spa as a gift for anybody who reserves a copy of his new book;

We all know that Nicolas Demuynck from Belgium spent the last year helping to put together the IntSaab2012 event in Spa, we also knew that he found time to get married to the lovely Ellen but while he was doing all this he was also writing his book about Saab.

He is planning to launch his new book called Saab 64 at this years Oktoberfest get together in Trollhattan.

The book will be in English, Dutch and French.
The forward is from Swade, with Jeff (Golfhunter) contrubuting, especially for the French texts.
There are very rare archive photos from me, and also from the German, Wolfgang Schmel and the Swede, Stefan Ciabatti.
The price will be €24,95 and the book can be pre ordered on [email protected]
Those people that pre order will be given a 5% discount.
I will also be bringing a few copies to Trollhattan.

8 thoughts on “New Book to be launched at Oktoberfest. update”

  1. That is really god news that Nicolas lauches his new book at the Octoberfest.
    I know Nicolas some time now but was not aware that he was preparing this book.
    Just heard it during the IntSaab2012.
    Look forward to see him present his book and reserved already a copy for myself.

  2. Belgium beer? I’m here, I’m here, please… 🙂
    Belgium beers are, by far, my favorites (with the beers we brew here in Québec…).
    If the beer is good, I’ll order the book!

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