What Matters Most?

Yesterday there was a post about a parts bag that was double stamped saying made in China and made in Canada on the same bag. Now if anyone is purposely trying to hide the country of origin a secret or covering up a lie then yes that is not good at all. This really makes me wonder though as to what matters the most to us? I really want to know that regardless of where the parts come from, that they will be coming and if I buy a ten year old Saab, that I will be able to get parts and easily.

I think for most, this is what is of the most importance to us and the one thing we want to see secured or fixed. Parts availability is the most crucial thing we want to hear as being taken care of because it can potentially affect our every day driving.

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This Week In EVs

Since substantive Saab news is hard to come by lately, and when it does emerge it’s about things like what if decisions regarding Griffins and the like, I figured I’d at least try to shine a light on the electric vehicle market. NEVS plans on focusing their initial efforts on an EV using Japanese technology (read: batteries), and as they conglomerate the parts necessary to commercially produce and profit from their first Saab, they will be struggling with the same challenges as competitors who have made their own solutions. It’s our attempt at SU to educate Saab fans and future new Saab customers about these engineering issues, EV advantages and disadvantages, and try to better understand the field so that when the new Saab EV emerges, we have a pretty solid knowledge base to draw from.


Here’s the top 4 videos to watch this week in the world of electric propulsion.

1. Drive magazine talks to the head of engineering for the new Porsche 918 Hybrid.

This is basically the proposal I had for the High Performance Saab contest that Swade ran a while back, except done if money wasn’t an option. A completely new engine with carbon fiber mounts, carbon fiber chassis, new battery tech, and some incredible software to make it all work are all highlighted in the video. If Saab could do the poor man’s version with lightweight metals, their own EV propulsion, and some sort of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) motor or generator on board, and keep it under $40K out the door (with tax credits), I think we’d have a pretty solid car that most of us would die to own. Now, if they felt like building a limited run Aero-X as a showpiece for their new Japanese tech for $1,000,000+, I’m sure that wouldn’t be such a bad outcome either.

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Convoy from Germany to Trollhättan 2012

Not long now until we start our journey to Trollhättan for Oktoberfest 2012.
As last year we will be travelling over two days, (starting on Thursday morning), our first leg will take us through France, Denmark, Holland and Germany.
(You can travel with us on the first day if you wish but dont forget we will be staying in Bomlitz for the night and leaving about 6am Friday morning. I’ll happily email details of our planned route to anybody interested.)
I will have company this year, my good friend Martin Lyons will be travelling with me. Better than travelling alone like I did last year.
We will be collecting Nicolas (saabfarm and intsaab2012 fame) and his friend up in Belgium.
Our over night stop will be in Bomlitz before heading for Puttgarden on Friday morning.

So, here are the plans for our journey on Day 2. You are welcome to Convoy with us from Northern Germany to Trollhättan.
I have listed the location ideas and maps as last year but with revised timings. I would like to get to the museum in day light this year if possible.
I hope you can understand what I have tried to plan.

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Phillip’s Classic 900 Restoration part 2

Back in June we heard that Phillip in New Zealand was restoring his Classic 900, well today he has news that the job has been finished and has sent a few photos for you to enjoy

It’s taken a while and my bank balance has taken a hit but the job is done and Ruby is back to her former glory. It’s a nice feeling to drive her around and enjoy the car.

Here is what we did:

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The Great American Saab Run This Weekend

From the comments on a recent post here on Saabs United, Peter has introduced us to The Great American Saab Run. The event is happening this weekend on the 7th of October and should see people from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and even as far as Colorado.

If anyone has never attended something like this and you have the free time over the weekend, head out and make some new friends. An event like this you will never be sorry you attended, you will only be sorry you missed.

Does The Spyker Lawsuit Matter To Us?

The lawsuit against GM by Spyker may seem to many to have nothing to do with Saab or the new owners of our iconic brand and I agree. That being said, I don’t fully support that way of thinking. Saab as we knew it was forced into bankruptcy and if Spyker comes out on top or even is awarded a settlement, it sends a message to the auto giants that you can’t just strong arm your way through and kill a company just because.

When a small company like Spyker takes on a “powerhouse” (and I use that term very loosely) like GM, people tend to think that the case will go nowhere and that GM will walk away a winner. Victor Muller in quotes from Just Auto today has stated where his confidence comes from and why he has taken this lawsuit on.

“You can rest assured me being a lawyer and my attorneys being the most serious you can get, we would not have started this if we thought we could not win,” Muller told just-auto.“Why throw money into a black hole?

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Saab Fans United

I am always delighted when people get in touch with us about their Saab Club meeting or a weekend getaway. The other day in the [email protected] account I found a letter with some photo’s of an event that gathered people from three different states in the US to enjoy some Saab time together. Chris from Oklahoma provides the words for us below and Chris thank you for sharing.

I know from time to time you like to highlight Saab get-togethers from various parts of the world, and wanted to let you know about an event we had this past weekend in the very rural southeastern Oklahoma here in the United States.  What many folks don’t realize about Oklahoma is that it is pretty diverse ecologically – with the western part of the state being pretty arid and flat, and the eastern part being quite hilly and green.  So, for the best driving roads (if you’re in a Saab, at least), we decided to hold an event on an scenic highway in the southeastern part of the state between Talihina, Oklahoma and Mena, Arkansas known as the Talimena Drive.

Pam's Hateful Hussy

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