Phillip’s Classic 900 Restoration part 2

Back in June we heard that Phillip in New Zealand was restoring his Classic 900, well today he has news that the job has been finished and has sent a few photos for you to enjoy

It’s taken a while and my bank balance has taken a hit but the job is done and Ruby is back to her former glory. It’s a nice feeling to drive her around and enjoy the car.

Here is what we did:

Full service
New Alpine Stereo with blue-tooth
Fixed the air conditioning
Repainted the rims
New left door hinge
CV Boot and Clutch master cylinder
New battery
New leather seats from

New Michelin tires
Complete re-spray
New Centre Muffler
New shocks and lowering springs
Recover back parcel tray
Installed sub-woofer and tweets from another 900

Thanks to Hans from Saabspecs for all the work.
I’ll be looking after her and hopefully driving Ruby around for many years to come.
Hope you enjoy the photos.


Phillip sent quite a few pictures and I have added them to Flickr where you can see larger versions of this great re-store.
Thank you Phillip for sharing your story with us.

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very nice, new seat leather looks brilliant, nz new or import?

Phillip paton

Thanks. Leather was imported from the USA from Don from


Fabulous colour and it looks better than New. Great work!


And you’re driving around in a lovely car in as-new condition that has been personalized rather than just factory standard. IMHO it doesn’t matter one jot that such a car hasn’t just rolled off the production line and, speaking personally, I can’t wait for another ten or twelve years to pass so that I can do the same with my MY11 9-3SC. This sort of thing is not good for new car sales, but definitely good for us owners. It looks gorgeous!

Phillip paton

Thanks. I agree about keeping our current Saabs for a long time. If there are no new Saabs around then why not spend the money on keeping your current car looking great for many years to come.


Oh god I wish I had one of these.


What a beauty; enjoy that car for a long, long time.


Great job. Was the steering wheel in the car when Phillip acquired it?

Phillip paton

Hi. No I forgot to mention that I purchased this genuine Saab Steering wheel from


Thanks. It adds a nice classic touch.


The exterior is beatiful not so keen on the interior as I like to keep things standard but still a nice job well done.


What’s the story with the German style lettering on the number plate?

Bob Conolty

Gorgeous! The car that started the SAAB addiction for me. It was a 1979 but awesome nonetheless. Your car is simply amazing!

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