The Great American Saab Run This Weekend

From the comments on a recent post here on Saabs United, Peter has introduced us to The Great American Saab Run. The event is happening this weekend on the 7th of October and should see people from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and even as far as Colorado.

If anyone has never attended something like this and you have the free time over the weekend, head out and make some new friends. An event like this you will never be sorry you attended, you will only be sorry you missed.

Click the photo above to visit their Facebook page and to be a part of the action. Peter and everyone else involved, please send me photo’s of the event when it’s done.

Here is the info on the event, any questions, please contact them through their Facebook group page.

The Great American Saab Run will take Place on October 7, 2012 at Rotary Park in Beavercreek Ohio. Registration Starts at 11am and the Run Starts at 12!

General information

The Great American Saab Run!

Sunday October 7th 2012
Registration starts at Rotary Park in Beavercreek at 11 am. Rally starts at NOON
$10 per car. Each Car requires at least 2 people, a driver and a navigator
there will be 4 stations along the rally, at each station you will receive a playing card, the car with the best poker hand will win a prize.
This is not a race, no GPS or Phone GPS are Allowed, anyone who uses such devices will be disqualified.
there will be a secret set time that will mark the winner of the rally.
The Rally will finish at Rotary Park. There we will award Prizes for best Poker Hand, Car with the closest time to the Secret time, Voting For best in show award.

There will be food and drinks Provided for everyone.
You are welcome to bring friends and participate even if you do not own a Saab.
T-Shirt will be Available for $20. Sponsors will be on Back of Shirts.

This sounds like so much fun and I really look forward to hearing about how it turned out. Good luck to everyone who is participating.

6 thoughts on “The Great American Saab Run This Weekend”

  1. definitely sounds like a great idea and event- if I was not working Saturday I would make the drive out to join in because as Jason said above, “An event like this you will never be sorry you attended, you will only be sorry you missed.”

    Good luck to all who participate and take lots of photos, please : )

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