SU Calendar – we got twins!

I think most of you will remember a few weeks ago we asked for your Saab pics to put together a SaabsUnited calendar for 2013. Within just one week we got almost 150 mails with way more than 300 pics to choose from. It’s things like these that make me love our community even more and I would like to thank all who attended.

As you can imagine the decision which photos we should use was pretty tough and during that process we came up with the idea of producing a second calendar dedicated to the 9-3 II, which was for many reasons the model that showed up most often.

The calendar size is 21 x 21 cm, printed on glossy paper. In our SU Store you can either order each individually for Euro 11,50 or a set for Euro 20,00. For shipping worldwide we set a flatrate of Euro 3,70, regardless of the number of items. Shipping will start on Friday.

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SAAB should have filed for bankruptcy almost a year earlier

Meanwhile, in the “Swedes working in an official capacity won’t lift a finger without trying to make it look like they are part of a bigger conspiracy, thus inflating their own self-worth”-department:

TTELA yesterday brought word that the receivers are about to file their report with the courts saying that SAAB should have filed for bankruptcy much earlier.

The report consists of about 50 pages describing the reasons behind SAAB’s bankruptcy and the chronology of their demise.

“They refer to a report by the CPA company Grant Thornton and agrees with their conclusion that “the time of SAAB’s insolvency points back to the start of 2011 and at the latest the stop of production April 6th 2011″ which is a minimum of eight months prior to the bankruptcy.”

Muller has yet to read the report and won’t comment.

Having followed this debacle for some time now, I find it strange that the Swedes do not ask themselves “how come EIB, who had absolutely nothing to risk, were the ones that pulled the trigger on denying Antonov as an investor?”. That happened after April 6th, and EIB’s approval would have ensured continued production at a point where the company was about to start production of two new models (with an additional one in the pipeline for introduction next year).

Hopefully more details will be made available when the final document gets published tomorrow.

Future Classic, Collector Or Both

After reading Tim’s post about the auction to be held by KVD, it got me to thinking of the two Independence models being offered for sale and how rare of a car they both are.

In making such a model, the plan was to build 366 of these cars to have 365 for the number of days in a year plus one for the first year of independence and making them a very limited vehicle. This was to be a formula for Independence models going forward and to add another car for each year of independence but not necessarily being a convertible every year. So needless to say, the 2012 Independence convertible was going to be a very rare car even if they built all 366 of them.

1 of 38 in the entire world

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SAAB Celebrates 75 Years

Because it is a part of our history, it is only fitting to share this video. 2012 marks 75 years for Saab and is filled with history and Saab cars has a special place in that history. As much as the Saab the defense company has been driven to protect the people of Sweden and national security, so too has Saab cars mission always been to protect the people who drive those cars.

Watch the video below and read the statement below to fully understand where we were when Saab was founded.

In 2012 Saab celebrates its 75th birthday. In 1937, it was clear that Europe was on the brink of a major conflict. In Sweden, neutral and at peace for more than a century, government and industry decided to prepare for the worst. Saab was founded with the mission to secure the nation’s supply of military aircraft as part of our drive to maintain our national security and sovereignty.

Delighted to be on board!

As some of you will have already noticed, I have been given the absolute pleasure of being asked to join the SU crew, although I prefer to call it a team.  Within just  a few years of discovering Saabs United and posting numerous comments I have made a lot of new friends, attended countless events, lived out the nail biting dramas as they unfolded regarding the future of Saab and now this very wonderful accolade. To say I am delighted is an understatement!

One of those such events that happened to me was more of a personal one but one which really does emphasise the power of Saabs United. Rather than re write the exact events here in this post I have included a link to the post I wrote regarding it at the time it happened which was 18th January 2012.

Well as a first post here I thought I would just introduce myself and provide a bit of background to my association with Saab.

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Service You Can Count On

Being a vocal supporter of Saab and in the industry as a Sales Manager of a Saab dealer, I often get emails from people who are in need of direction as to where to go with their Saab. I received one such email the other day from a gentleman from Ottawa with a tough one. The Trionic 7 ECU in his 2002 9-3 had been bricked and he wanted to know if we had the tools to reprogram to factory settings. Problem being was that he is in Ottawa and I am in BC so I wouldn’t have the car, just the ECU which doesn’t work for the tools we have at our location as we need the vehicle too.

I was informed that he was going to send the ECU to Genuine Saab as they had the tooling to plug the ECU in without the car and resetting the setting to factory. He had been in contact with Nick at Genuine Saab on November 19th about sending it out and was willing to pay to express it to them and pay for all shipping to ensure it moved quickly. To my amazement I got an email update this morning.


Here’s an update to my situation.
Nick at Genuine Saab came through in a big way. I couriered the ECU on Tuesday, they got it Wednesday and turned it around on the same day so I wouldn’t have to wait through US Thanksgiving.

Nick loaded one of his own files, and it’s excellent. The car started right away, and immediately settled into a very steady idle. The power delivery is extremely consistent, with no holes or sudden peaks in the torque curve. The car feels about as fast as a stock Viggen, which is great since it was rated at 185hp when new.

I would definitely recommend GS to any Saab owner. Great service, great product knowledge, and a definite passion for the brand.


Personally, I don’t really post about endorsing a sponsor or where to take a Saab other than a Saab dealer but this had to be told. Customer service to me is one of the most important parts of meeting the needs of the Saab customer and this has got to be one of the best stories of service that I have heard in a very long time. I was blown away to hear a 4 day turn around actually took place from Canada to the USA and back and even with a USA holiday in those days….. Unbelievable. Bernard, thank you for sharing a real life story of one of the sponsors here and Genuine Saab, thanks for exceeding the customers expectations.

Clubs Unite At Big Socal Euro Event

This past weekend all over the Saab Club pages of San Diego and LA, I heard of an amazing meet taking place. These two clubs I follow closely on Facebook as they are both very active communities that really seem to help one another. Both really seem to understand the meaning of community and have members who range from Navy personal to fire fighters and all walks of life in between. Being American Thanksgiving and all, from this Canadian to all of you, I am thankful for groups like these that make us want to be a part of this Saab family. Good job Saab Club of San Diego and LA Saab Club, I love how interconnected you are.

Saab Clubs of San Diego and LA

This is part of an email I received yesterday from EuroDriver about the event and what took place.

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