Clubs Unite At Big Socal Euro Event

This past weekend all over the Saab Club pages of San Diego and LA, I heard of an amazing meet taking place. These two clubs I follow closely on Facebook as they are both very active communities that really seem to help one another. Both really seem to understand the meaning of community and have members who range from Navy personal to fire fighters and all walks of life in between. Being American Thanksgiving and all, from this Canadian to all of you, I am thankful for groups like these that make us want to be a part of this Saab family. Good job Saab Club of San Diego and LA Saab Club, I love how interconnected you are.

Saab Clubs of San Diego and LA

This is part of an email I received yesterday from EuroDriver about the event and what took place.

Hello Jason,

This is EuroDriver from SU. Sorry I’m a bit late with this info, but I was caught up in some work I had to finish before the holidays. But, early Saturday morning members from the LA Saab Club met with members of the SD Saab Club in front of an IKEA in SD. The plan was to have a Saab drive-in (albeit I wasn’t able to make it with the group, I was a bit late) to Qualcomm Stadium, where the BigSocalEuro event was being held.

Compared to last year turnout was great, with some where around 20 Saabs at the event. Us Saabers were in a sea of VWs, Audis, and BMWs. Both clubs had stands where they sold Saab gear. We also flew a Saab flag. The Saabs there ranged from the 900s and 9000s to the 9-3s and 9-5s in their respective variants. During the event we had the group judge all the cars according to “Erik Carlson’s approved judge form.” We took a group photo, and enjoyed the rest of the time we had with our fellow Saabers.

EuroDriver, this is too cool. So much of what I read put a smile on my face. Many other groups showing cars there would have just showed up and parked their respective cars. What do the Saab groups do? They meet at an Ikea (keeping it very Swedish) and drive in together. The vision of those cars all pulling in together sounds like an invasion of Saabs and I love it. I hope for the members that didn’t make it due to being deployed or any reasons for that matter can make it the next time. It looks like it was a fun time for all and thanks for sharing the story with us.

Here are some more photo’s and for all, check the Facebook photo’s here.


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Jason, thank you very much for putting this up. I hope we’ll have more of these events, and if possible with a large group of Saabers 🙂 !

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