First Order Of EV1’s Placed?

SU has through a very well informed source received solid indications that a very large sale of EV1’s has taken place. The information so far is unconfirmed but the information we have received is of very good character.

As to the amount of cars the source claims that it could be as large as a whole years production or even more.

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  1. Upon What M. Bergman (or M. Östlund) has already stated it seems highly probable that NEVS almost had – even before signing agreement for Saab’s assets – a “guarantee” from China concerning EV1 sales. It could either come from Dragon Power (State Company for 25% of its shares) or – more directly – for Chinese government’s fleet. But I am pretty sure they did not put half a billion euros (and more in 2013/2014) in cash without being secured about minimum sales volume in China…

  2. Wow, this is big news. Wish there were more details, cause if this is true, then it truly is a jumpstart and the vote of confidence the Saab brand needed.

  3. Sounds good, but a whole year’s production could mean anything from zero to 190 000 cars… The latter would of course be nice and mean a lot for Trollhättan! 🙂

  4. Good, that means profits. When are they going to sell the cars worldwide? What about the petrol powered 9-3s to get the factory up and running? Any of those coming to the U.S.? Any discussions with North American potential dealers yet? Just checking.

  5. Good news. Of pure curiosity i would like to know how much is “a whole year of production or even more”? Basicaly any amount is good for start. As max we did around 130,000 units/year (i think) on 2 shifts.
    Additionaly, i just saw on NEVS website they are looking for a Project leader/manager within production who, in preparation for the start of production, can take responsibility for the coordination of activities in production regarding such equipment, material supply, production and staffing.

  6. So is it confirmed that the car’s name will be EV1 and they are moving away from the “9” designations?

    And also, what type of car will the EV1 be? Compact sedan, large sedan, compact hatch, large hatch, etc…..

    • The car will not be called the EV1. It’s a placeholder name. They’re still evaluating names. They’re going to build whatever they can in the most cost effective way to sustain sales. If they can get away with maximizing plant capacity with a barely modified 9-3 with an electric engine, they probably will. But we’d all obviously like to see a significant but Saaby facelift to give consumers around the world some hope of big things to come. It’s a balance, is it worth the costs of changing certain elements stylistically or is it worth investing in other areas like EV powertrain to really maximize the capability of the car? There’s a lot going on at Saab now to decide what makes sense. You have to base projections on a whole bunch of moving targets, especially given how wide open the EV space is. It’s why I’m so happy to see this news, stability is crucial.

      What Tesla would do for an order like NEVS has. Wow.

      • Yes, this is great. I was originally against NEVS but for the past several months I have been warming up to them. I am glad to say I WOULD buy a car from them if its designed and drives right since my commute is only 30 minutes away (just not sure how i would charge it at work or at my apartment).

        Thank you for the thorough answer, makes a lot of sense.

        • No prob Ronnie. Watch the presentation from Mattias Bergman in the post after this if you want even more answers, or read the number of articles already posted here like this one. If your total commute is under 120 miles, even in winter I’m comfortable saying a new EV from Saab will be great daily driver for you, and if it’s priced properly, it could save you quite a bit of money. If you could, please answer the poll on the main page again for me so we can get to work on our own little market research for a new series coming next week. Much appreciated!

  7. Does BAIC have the old 900 hatchback? Can I just start a North American car company that imports those (after finding investors to get them through regulations)? I’ll call the company BAAS (pronounced, “BOSS”). We’ll do things right.

    • you´re abolutely right – and the truth behind this rumours are the same when garth brooks becomes the lead-vocalist by the rolling stones and we will have mothers-day in africa the whole year…

      it´s more than crazy – but in this comedy everything can happen – and someone can be so dumb to buy something that not exists…

    • How do you know that the news about south german automaker wasn’t true? I know that BMW was interested in buying parts of Saab, they were one of the 15 companies that expressed interest to the bankruptcy administrators.

      • I don’t know about the parts of Saab. I thought it was about a German manufacturer buying Saab as a whole. But maybe it’s just my memory. Almost to good to be true. Just like this news here now. I can only hope it’s true.

        Do we think it’s an incarnation of 9-3 ePower (which was not far from production before bankrupcy) that is being ordered?..

        • We never stated that BMW made a bid for the whole of Saab, we explored different scenarios and made that very clear. BMW to our knowledge made a bid on certain parts of Saab such as technical development and some other items. There were in total 15 bidders which of 5 made a bid for the whole thing, only one bid was realistic which also won the purchase: NEVS.

    • No clue have I, but BMW seens looking to expanding their manufacturing capabilities, for increasing the Mini production, so it would have made sense for them to look at the Trollhättan plant. But that would not have been a good solution for the Saab fans.

      And forget about “BMW needs knowledge in developing FWD cars” etc. They have all the competences they would need, and have indeed quite a number of FWD development projects ongoing.

  8. Hopefully very positive news then, I am new to the Saab Scene but bought my first 93 back in June. Looking forward to the new Saab too.
    Had a 3 day test drive in the Vauxhall Ampera (Chevy Volt) too last week which I will do a write up on soon, have to say I am looking forward to an electric future after those 3 days.

  9. This is good news. Happy for NEVS and the people in THN. I know we all like to dream about a Saab reborn like a Phoenix. In my opinion I feel like NEVS has no plans of resurrecting SAAB like we want, especially considering North American distributorship is likely never going to happen (imho) in our lifetime.

    I know this news makes us feel nice and cozy and optimistic. Optimistic about what? Making cars that none of us will he able to buy in the near future with no dealer network?

    Still waiting for the damn bumper cover for my 9-5. Anytime now…. (going on 7 weeks with no car).

  10. I’m very happy for the great news about Nevs, but it is also great to know Saab lives on in China with Beijing Auto Shenbao D280 (BAIC). The production is going on and the car is out for sale in December 2012. Shenbao D280 is the production version of the Beijing Auto C70G that debuted on the Beijing Auto Show in April. Shenbao is the old Chinese name for Saab, which changed to Sabo in the late 1990’s. Beijing Auto bought the rights to the Saab 9-3 and Saab 9-5 from GM in 2009, and they also bought the rights to the Saab 2.0 turbo and 2.3 turbo engines. This is not NEVS but good for Saab-fans anyway!

    • I would love to see these cars built to U.S. specs—-and exported here under a new name. They could be the first line of Made In China cars sold in the U.S. I’d love to be on the ground floor of that business. Let’s get a diesel too.

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