For The Love Of SAAB

Why do we do what we do? These are the stories that bring reason to why we do the things we do. People still love Saab and want a place to share their stories. The other day we received the following email from a long time Saab owner who wanted to share with us all, his latest purchase.

We recently became a two Saab family for the first time. My wife, Maureen, and I have owned a Saab continuously since 1985.  Our first modern Saab was a 1983 900 S. It was followed by a 1988 9000 S, a 1993 9000 CSE, and a 2001 9-5 SC.  In October 2010 I purchased a 2010 9-5 Aero. I knew that the company was having difficulty so I considered a lease.  After thinking it over, I felt that since each Saab I have owned has been better and more reliable than the previous one, so I purchased the car rather than leasing it.  I have never regretted that decision.  I no longer have a warrantee but after 25,000 miles the car has only required routine maintenance and luckily, I have a wonderful Saab specialist repair shop that I have been using for 15 years.  In September, I found a 2005 9-3 ARC convertible with only 40,000 miles on it.  I had been looking for a long time so when I found this car I closed the deal as quickly as I could.  I plan on keeping both of these cars for a long time.  I am indeed fortunate.

My first Saab was a 1966 96 2-stroke that I owned for a while in the 70s.  I once had the car going 90 miles an hour, not bad for a three cylinder 850cc engine.  I wish NEVS all the success in the world.   Saab is a great brand and it deserves to live on.

What a story of devotion to a brand, ownership that spans four decades. We all know the warranty fears and everything else that people can complain about, but Mr. Burke makes a good point in his reasoning for buying his 2010 9-5. He knew the problems facing Saab and still went ahead because as he stated, each Saab he’s owned has been better and more reliable then the previous.

As far as the 9-3 vert goes, I still believe there is not a better looking in that range convertible out there. I have seen the latest 1 series BMW which is pretty but when I saw someone putting the top up…… The time it took to complete, I could have eaten my lunch.

Great vehicles sir and thanks for sharing your story.

15 thoughts on “For The Love Of SAAB”

  1. This inspires me to hold onto my 2004 9-5 and repair as needed, provided the costs are in line. They are indeed wonderful cars. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a future in which I can buy another one.

  2. Congratulations. I love my 05 convertible. We had planned to update my wife’s 9-7x with a NG 9-5 combi. This past fall, we bought an orphaned NG 9-5 aero. I didn’t want to live w the regret of not having owned such a technology laden car, so we bought the sedan to lengthen the longevity off the two SAABs we already had. No Regrets! —one regret, only two fit in the garage.

  3. For the love of SAAB, we just became a three SAAB family … a low miles TurboX Sportcombi manual now keeps our 2010 NG 9-5 Aero and 9-4X company. 🙂 See you with one of them soon @BarryMemphis. For those on holiday this week, have a safe and enjoyable one!

    • Eric, when did you get the turboX? We looked for a combi in 09 but ended up getting Denise a 9-7x aero. When we were at the owners convention in NJ in ’11 the marketing director told us there were only around 150 combi T-X and the 50 of those= manual. Congratulations, a unique piece indeed.

      • Thanks Derek. I bought it from someone who took fantastic care of it in Wisconsin and it was delivered to me yesterday by transport. Now I plan to split the miles between it and my 9-5 so neither really racks them up. Certainly a “want” as opposed to a “need” being filled here, but it was too good of an opportunity … couldn’t let it pass us by. We liked our 9-7X too…it wasn’t an Aero…but traded it on a 9-5 SC in 2006 due to lack of headroom for me, a ginormous tall person. Ha!

  4. I, too, am into my fourth decade of Saabs – and the first one I bought was on behalf of who turned out to become my co-best man! Us hardy bands keep the faith!

      • It’s all impressive Mike and Chris that is just awesome to think you bought your first Saab from someone that became a co-best man and friend. It’s always been more than just the cars but the cars are what bring so many together.

  5. Hum, I’m only on my second decade, although i have had 10 Saabs now.

    This is perfect pair, nice story, I love reading about others who feel the same about Saab as I do, we’ve got 3 on the driveway, and I intend to keep hold of them.

    Still hoping to add a nice 9000 Aero to the collection though.

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