North American SU Plate Frames Are Here!!

This last week I have been on holiday and enjoying some much needed family time. On Wednesday we spent the night at a local hot spring resort and came home feeling very refreshed and rested.

Upon our arrival home, I saw a box sitting in my garage and thought what could it be. To my surprise, the SAABSUNITED North American plate frames that I had ordered the week before and was told I’d be lucky to see them in three weeks time, had mysteriously arrived and very early.

SU North American Frame

We have ordered 100 of these plate frames and have used the same logo type that is on the European SAABSUNITED plate frames as well as what you find on the last 9-3 in the Saab Cars Museum with the logo type at the bottom. Yes we know this doesn’t work for all states and cities in North America for the rear plate but is fine for most as a front frame.

We have just added the item to the SU store at the bottom of the page with a quick and easy PayPal button on the page to place your order. Please use the PayPal button for this item in the store as it is separate from the rest of the store. Once in your PayPal account, you will have the option of buying more than one and selecting your delivery address.

The price of this new item is $15CDN which includes shipping for all of North America. You can order right here by clicking the button here or in the SU store at the bottom of the page.

This is the first North American exclusive SAABSUNITED product and something we have been talking about doing for a long time. I hope in the future that we will have more products added to the North American store and to have a quick turnaround for deliveries. Once your payment has been received I will ship the product out via mail. Please note, I do have a full time job and this will be done on my off time but I do have a postal drop down the road and don’t see problems with timely deliveries. I hope you all approve and hey, just in time for Christmas lol.
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thats a pretty good price guys


Ordered! Can’t wait to receive this.


Here in Delaware our plates have the State name at the bottom. Unfortunately this frame will cover that. ;(

Ray Kopczynski

Ya — In Oregon too — this design would not be allowed…as we are required to show the month & year tags at the bottom corner “cutouts” of any frame we use. I suppose that could easily be accomplished with some judicious hack-sawing though. 🙂


So fantastic, I had to get two. Thanks for the opportunity!


Ordered mine. Thanks Jason.


This will look very good on my car.

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