Press Information: Saab Parts continues to expand in Europe

Parts AB continues to expand in Europe

  • Expansion in Europe continues – Saab Automobile Parts AB establishes new subsidiaries in Germany, France, Switzerland and Denmark.
  • The establishments ensures continued sales and distribution of Saab Genuine replacement parts in Europe.
  • European market is of great importance in the company’s future strategy

Saab Automobile Parts AB continues to expand in Europe and has established new subsidiaries in Germany, France, Switzerland and Denmark. The newly formed companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Saab Automobile Parts AB and the staff employed have a considerable experience with Saab. The new subsidiaries further strengthen the international representation of Saab Automobile Parts AB.

“Establishment of independent sales and distribution companies in Germany, France, Switzerland and Denmark are of great importance to us. There are a large number of Saab cars in these markets and we want to ensure that Saab owners worldwide have continued access to Saab Genuine replacement parts and that we, together with our network of authorized repairers, can continue to give them the best possible aftersales service”, says Lennart Stahl, CEO of Saab Automobile Parts AB.

Saab Automobile Parts AB started its expansion by setting up a commercial office in Trollhattan, Sweden, at the beginning of the year. Subsequently, the company has continued to grow internationally by establishing subsidiaries in the UK and North America and acquiring Saab Automobile AB’s former subsidiaries in Spain and Italy.

“The aftermarket business in the automotive industry is becoming increasingly important. By establishing our own representation in the markets we are increasing the opportunities to care for our existing business with Saab Genuine replacement parts and aftersales service for Saab cars. It also gives us a better position to further develop our product range in the future and we see Europe as one very important part of our future strategy”, says Lennart Stahl.

Facts Saab Automobile Parts AB:

– Number of employees in Sweden: Nyköping about 260, Trollhättan about 50. The company is headquartered in Nyköping.
– The company is responsible for warehousing, distribution and sale of Saab parts and accessories for all
Saab’s Authorized Repairers and service partners globally and also sell logistics services to a number of outside companies.
– Have been responsible for Saab Automobile spare handling since the 1960s.
– Storage area: around 88 000 m².
– Storage: about 70 000 articles.
– Capacity: about 30 000 order lines/day.
– Shipment of 50 trucks distributed each day.

17 thoughts on “Press Information: Saab Parts continues to expand in Europe”

    • My dealer is traint to get several parts for different costumers and in som cases has to wait for six months only to hear the part isn’t comming. I for instance need a rearbumper for my 2011 9-3X. When i bought the car i was secured that parts wouldn’t be any problem. For me this was à very important issue weither or not to buy à Saab. Now that i need a part Saab parts tells my dealer that the part isn’t in stock and they don’t know when they are going to produce it. Estemated leadingtime between six to twelve months. I can tell you i’m certainly not the only one waiting for parts that long. There are a lot of dissapointed customers out there left in the cold by saabparts.

      • I feel really sorry for you,baas93vector, that you experience these dramatic delays.
        Like I said, no big issues overhere to get your fine Saab repaired with new spares.
        I must think it has something to do with the intention and seriousness of the importing company in your country.

        • That can be true. I hear several dealers complaining about Behereman (our importer from Belgium). They do not realise the dammage they are doing to the Saab brand.

      • Baas sorry to hear about the delay in getting the bumper for your car. It’s so frustrating. I am in the same boat with my 2006 Saab 9-5 sport. My car was hit in the rear and the body shop cannot locate a bumper cover for it anywhere including the dealer. It has been sitting at the body shop for 6 weeks. Even was of no help locating one. The shop received a junk yard bumper but it was too damaged to use. Anyone have any ideas? I am starting to lose my patience and very angry at saab parts. I was reassured by many on this forum we well we saabnet that I would have no problem getting parts for my 9-5 after bankruptcy. I don’t like being misled or lied to. What to do?

        Any suggrei

        • The reason is the guarantee that the Swedish government made for the EIB loan. From what I’ve heard, Saab Parts is not worth enough to match the EIB loan.

          NEVS and the Gov had long discussions about this and the Government needs to get its tax-payer money back and NEVS does not want to be the one paying for that…

          The EIB loan taken up by Spyker was significant in amount, back then SAAB Parts wasn’t enough but pawns were taken up in the Tools and Real-estate company as well, which were then sold to Hemfosa and now to NEVS.

          But the debt to the taxpayers is still of a very significant amount, even if Saab Parts is profitable, it will probably take years before that debt has been payed off. Which is probably also a reason why Saab Parts is expanding the way it is. The more markets they can cover, the better it is for us SAAB Drivers but also the more profits the company can collect and in such, pay off the debt faster… but we are still talking about many years before that has been achieved…

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