Saab Club Romania Autumn Meeting

We received an email the other day from Dorin of the Saab Club in Romania. I am such a fan of Saab people coming together and sharing in their love of Saabs. The photos show a wide selection of current and former Saab models covering a large number of years.

Saab right now is looking to possibly start production of the 9-3 again and selling cars again and for the people claiming the 9-3 is outdated or that it’s not enough car, look at the 9-3’s in these photos. The car is to me anyway, timeless.

That aside, below is the email we received from Dorin.

Two weeks ago, Saab Club Romania organised the yearly autumn meeting in our capital city, Bucharest.

As you can see, the (Saab) force is still strong among these lands 🙂


Dorin, Saab is definitely strong in Romania, what a great meeting of Saab fans and what a collection of beautiful cars.

Saab is not dead, Saab is rebooting and will be back shortly. While we are waiting for the reboot, we need to continue to get out there and keep our community rocking. Saab is not just the cars that were produced and will be produced again, Saab is all of us.

Thanks Dorin and the Saab Club of Romania for sharing these photo’s and story with us all. We are Saab!!

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Piet-Hein S.

hmm…Romania…have to go there again someday. and then take the beautiful Transfagasan highway again…it’s a blast!


If you have already seen Transfagarasan, you could try Transalpina (DN 67C). I bet you will like it more!


Nice meeting and cool pictures! Thanks for sharing!


We have more pictures from this meeting posted on our Facebook page in the album named “Intalnire Club SAAB Octombrie 2012 Bucuresti”. Take a look!


Thank you very much for sharing these great pics. Nice SAABs you have in Romania!

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