Saab Service goes Platinum

Press Release from Saab Parts UK

  • Saab Platinum Service only £399   
  • Includes engine flush and fuel treatment
  • Plus six months free Saab Secure Warranty cover
  • All-inclusive price covers parts, labour and VAT charges

Following the success of Saab’s fixed price servicing offer, Saab Parts UK and its national network of Authorised Service Centres has enhanced its value for money aftersales package with the introduction of its new Platinum Service.

Saab wants to make sure that your vehicle is running smoothly and that it remains in first-class condition at all times, and having your vehicle serviced regularly will maintain the vehicle’s overall performance and optimise fuel economy.

Competitively priced at £399, the Saab Platinum Service includes a fixed price service – a value for money alternative to the standard service. All the basic checks on your Saab are covered and a thorough and detailed vehicle inspection and road test that covers brakes, tyres, steering systems and fluid levels are carried out.

Included in the price is an engine flush and fuel treatment which cleans the engine’s fuel and oil system plus six months free Saab Secure Warranty, which covers most of the vehicle’s original mechanical and electrical components and offers Saab customers peace of mind for future motoring needs.

All work is carried out by Saab factory trained technicians, who have the experience and expertise to maintain customers’ cars in the best mechanical condition, servicing them to manufacturer’s specifications and using only Saab Genuine Parts that are covered by a two-year parts and labour warranty.

Commenting on Saab’s new Platinum Service offer, David Leighton, Business Development Manager at Saab Parts UK, said: “The Saab Platinum Service is the crème de la crème of aftersales service packages.  We want to offer customers a service that covers all the key elements in vehicle servicing and will guarantee an unbeatable combination of value for money packages offering quality servicing and expertise. Customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their Saab is being looked after by our trained Saab technicians who only use Genuine Saab parts and will keep their Saab a Saab.”

For full details of what is included in the Platinum Service and find your nearest Saab Service Centre simply visit

22 thoughts on “Saab Service goes Platinum”

    • I pay about $350-400 USD for a full service – if I could also get a mini “Saab Secure Warranty” with that service it would drastically improve my anxiety about a catastrophic repair for a relatively new car (that should still be under the manufacturers warranty). Just look in the 9-4X Forum about the guy facing a $4,000 repair or in the Post Discussion forum about the NG 9-5 in need of a $7,000 repair.

    • Not in my opinion. I pay less than that for an “A” service on my CLS.

      One of the reasons I recently sold my Saab was due to the disappointing experience I had with a so-called “Saab Service Centre”. Over priced and looking for ways to bump up the price even higher. Sadly, my excellent local Saab dealers both closed leaving me with a long trek to a second rate service centre.

      I miss my Saab convertible, and may return to Saab if the future product and dealers are good.

  1. With all do respect: who does an “engine flush” anymore?

    “Clean is good, but keep in mind that many manufacturers advise against performing and engine flush on modern vehicles. Chris Martin of Honda goes said, “Our engineers have conducted exhaustive tests to create specialized maintenance products and service standards that support the performance and longevity of Honda vehicles, and these standards don’t include engine flushing.” Engineers at GM said, “Engine oil flushes are not recommended. If oil is changed on schedule, you shouldn’t have to flush the engine.” “

    • Most Volvo garages in Ireland don’t charge for a winter check, and you can get a stander service for under 180 euro, with Volvo service software promise updates.

  2. Way too expensive – and I commented on the Saab Secure Warranty when it was first offered. I spoke on two occasions to people at the Newcastle Head Office and what I was told led me to believe this scheme is not worth the paper it`s written on. As fro the engine flush – that`s something we used to do in the sixties and seventies! North Toronto Punter¬s right.

  3. If all who comment on prices ( too expensive, not needed…… etc) would take the time and go to the UK website to look at the different programs which are offered, it would be appreciated.
    There are different packages offered going from £ 19,99 to this Plartinum package for £ 399,00.
    Every one can choose from these offers the best plan for his own car.

    • Well aware of that, kochje, but my point, obviously shared by others, is that the Platinum Service – offered as something special – is, in fact, too expensive. I picked up on North Toronto Punter`s point that the winter check up @ £19.99 is very good value. Also, the service charges at my local (ex) SAAB Dealer are very competitive.

      • Realize that,TonymacUK.
        However I wanted to make the point that one needs to look at what is offered in the different packages and not take one item out of such a package to comment on.
        The Platinum is offering Warranty, and free parts and service costs, including VAT.
        That is, for what is offered during 6 months, for some cars not bad at all.
        Such a program cannot be compared with the Winter safety Check or with one visit to a dealer.

        • “not take one item out of such a package to comment on.”

          Whoa, kochje!

          If one is going describe the service, gushingly, as “crème de la crème” then it deserves scrutiny. Caveat emptor and all that.

          I will question the wisdom of an engine flush (and a transmission flush too!). I suspect a 5 dollar bottle of Techron, poured into a nearly empty gas tank, is the equivalent of “fuel system cleansing”.

          I’m happy to be corrected on any of the above.

          BTW: “6 month warranty….Saab Secure” . Hunted in vain on the website to find downloadable details of that — but do note the fine print “most original and mechanical and electrical components” . Not “All” . And that ,for sure, would be after ‘recommended’ corrective work is done!

          Forgive my caution: Platinum strikes me as a bit too gold plated.

          • Not sure how you define an engine flush, but I’ve heard of mechanics who will pour through a quantity of oil after draining the old oil. Is that it?

            BTW: I just searched e-bay for “missile mounts” as per Mats’ suggestion. Couldn’t find any to fit my 9-5. I am beginning to suspect he was pulling my chain.

            • Could be Sea Foam. Or some proprietary ‘Engine Oil Flush’ (not regular motor oil). Or achieved by filling engine with a proportion of kerosene and 10W …and changing after a short idle. Any of a number of chemicals. Poured in or pressurized.

              Maybe Mr. Leighton could enlighten us as to what the Saab sanctioned method is?

              • Could not agree more,I don’t see any reason to do a engine flush unless maybe your engine have been using mineral based oil.You get the feeling the some used the oil sludge problem to scare car owners to buy in to this.

  4. I had this service done at my local (ex-) Saab dealer, why is an engine flush bad, and if it it, why are the dealers offering an engine flush ?

    • I am inclined to believe that a little bit of cleaning is probably a good thing ™, but given the longevity of most modern engines and how well most of us care for them already, I would love to see something a bit firmer than “it can’t hurt”. (the list of things that “can’t hurt” is endless, whereas my bank account is very limited)

    • Engine flush is a good thing. I service my 2008 saab 1.9 diesel every 8,000 miles, and I have 180,000 miles up on it now, and I never had to get any extra work done to it than just the stander saab service program. if I was to do what saab say, service my car ever 18000 miles, well I done think my car engine would still be going, and if you are doing 18000 miles between service make sure you get the engine flush done, as it might have some chance of lasting, I know from working in a garage that even the best quality oil will only lasts 12000 miles before it really starts to brake down and become sludgy. And I have seeing many turbos and engine failure due to oil not be change in time.
      180,000 miles done on my saab 9-3, apart from stander services, I have the timing belt done, 2 sets of front and rear brake pads and one set around brake discs, two front top shock mountain bearings and two rear suspension arms, total cost of parts 500 euros, I have done all the work my self since I bought her new, so it cost me noting on labour, but I have to say it one very cheap car to own. And what a car,drives and looks like new.

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