SU Calendar 2013 – We Want Your Pics!

SU Calendar 2013

Last year we had already planned to come up with a SU calendar and asked you to send photos. Those dramatic events back then distracted us quite a bit so this project fell apart.

Still, the idea came back to life again and we would ask you to send us your Saaby photos until November 14th. The plan is to choose a photo for each page that was taken in the respective month to give the calendar some seasonal impression.

Of course those whose pics are chosen will get a free calendar, all others will be able to buy it from the SU Shop.

So if you want to contribute send your photo(s) to till72(at) Please mention the month it was taken if you remember.

Please remember that we need a minimum relolution of 150 dpi at a size of approx 19×13 cm for a calendar size of 21×21 cm. If the chosen pics allow it we might look into making an even bigger one like 30×30 cm. Let us know in comments what you think about it.


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