SU Calendar – we got twins!

I think most of you will remember a few weeks ago we asked for your Saab pics to put together a SaabsUnited calendar for 2013. Within just one week we got almost 150 mails with way more than 300 pics to choose from. It’s things like these that make me love our community even more and I would like to thank all who attended.

As you can imagine the decision which photos we should use was pretty tough and during that process we came up with the idea of producing a second calendar dedicated to the 9-3 II, which was for many reasons the model that showed up most often.

The calendar size is 21 x 21 cm, printed on glossy paper. In our SU Store you can either order each individually for Euro 11,50 or a set for Euro 20,00. For shipping worldwide we set a flatrate of Euro 3,70, regardless of the number of items. Shipping will start on Friday.

The way this project went I am pretty sure we will start it again for 2014. So keep taking pics of your Saabs. And who knows which model will get a dedicated calendar then.

19 thoughts on “SU Calendar – we got twins!”

  1. I can’t wait to get mine, the photos are incredible and everyone that submitted photo’s should be proud of their contributions. I want one for the home and office, so both work for me.

  2. Very nice and I’ve placed my order. The only thing I wish was represented are the convertibles, but I can imaging how hard is must have been to narrow the selection down to 24 and in relatively short time period too. Love the idea of a dedicated 9-3 calendar. Thanks guys!

  3. Till, a seriously gorgeous set of Saabs, particularly love the December SportCombi, the April 9-5 and the amazing June De Luxe.

    Really proud my 9-3 is featured for August too

    Great idea and beautifully executed, well done SU

  4. I guess next year I’ll send in some nice pictures of my 9-3 convertible, it seems to be missing on both callenders.
    But anyway job well done, great pictures. To bad there are only 12 months, maybe a weekcallender next time so you can ad more pictures

  5. But you did forget the Saab 9-5 Aero SportCombi 2.0T (220 HK) XWD BioHybrid 2014. Designed in Scandinavia, purified by power packs from the east.

    I wish.. :]

  6. Great looking calenders! I want one! One problem: Where is the North America shipping options? Would love to have the option to buy one here-

    • Hey Nick, I’m in North America and I placed an order. Till noted in the text above “For shipping worldwide we set a flatrate of Euro 3,70, regardless of the number of items.”

      So, I think no problem with shipping anywhere…

      • yep no problem with shipping, just place your order on the SU store page at the top right of your screen. Was talking to Till yesterday and he has a massive order going out, lots of work but it is all going smoothly.

        • Thanks. I’m a dummy. Finally figured out how to change everything to English so I could order. Looking forward to getting calender #2. Love all the classic SAABs!

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