Calendars on their way…

It has been pretty busy since we started the shipping of the calendars on Friday. I am overwhelmed by the response and am proud to say that we now sold over 200 of them to places all around the world.

We’ve put a lot of effort in this project and it feels great to see the that you like the final results. And we are very happy to state that all orders that are in as of now will be shipped tonight.

Of course the calendars are still available in our SU store. If you have not seen them yet here are some more pics that give you an impression of the product.

8 thoughts on “Calendars on their way…”

  1. Very cool Till. I know from shipping the NA plate frames that once you get the order, there is still a lot of work to go into getting everything addressed and packaged to finally ship. Good job my friend.

  2. That picture looks like it was taken with an iPhone 4. I had one that had the variance in color from edge to center like that. The 5 takes beautiful pictures however:)

  3. My set arrived in the mail in New Jersey today. There’s nothing like looking at them in hand – you can read the photo credits! A great job in putting them together and thanks to the owners for the great shots of their Saabs. I’ve even seen a few of the cars in person.

  4. I paid on December 3, but still haven’t received it. I know for a fact that a friend of mine also hasn’t received it yet. Is Sofia, Bulgaria that far away?

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