Christmas Is Coming, Are You Ready?

SAABSUNITED has been busy as of late brainstorming and coming up with SAAB related goodies to offer for sale to the SAAB community. What has been overwhelmingly obvious with the orders already received is that people want SAAB stuff and the unfortunate is that there hasn’t been much to chose from for a while. We are working to change that and you will see more come available in the new year as we work to fill the void.

With the busy hustle and bustle that can be the Christmas season, we want to remind people that if they would like to order from what we have available now, you should still make deliveries for Christmas. I know from talking with Till that all calendars that have been ordered to this point are already on their way and on my side, all of the SU plate frames for North America are also on their way.

So that being said, any orders received going forward will be sent right away to try to get to their destinations for Christmas. Below are the links to order the mioh calendars, the SU calendars and the SU North American plate frames which can be ordered in the store or right here.

For those calendars the postal delivery takes approx. 1-2 (work)days for Europe and 3-6 days for the rest of the world while the frames need approx. 2-5 days. Just to give you an idea if your order can be there for christmas.


The latest additionto our calendar portfolio features Saabs on the move using photos by the Swedish photographer mioh. You can either order it seperately or as a set with both SU calendars at a discounted price.

Purchase 1 for €13,50
Get all 3 for €32,00

2013 SAABSUnited calendars are here and ready to order. To order simply hit the buy now button below the photo and you will be directed to the PayPal checkout screen. You can order one or all with a discount if buying both. Prices are € 11.50 each or € 20.00 for both.

2013 Calendar #1
2013 Calendar #2
Both 2013 Caledars

SU North American Frame
These are the Brand new SAABSUNITED North American license plate frames. These plate frames are available for purchase through the buy now PayPal button below only as they are available through our North American distributor. When directed to the PayPal login screen you will be able to purchase one or more of these plate frames at a cost of $15 per frame including shipping. The plate frames will be coming from Canada to your North American destination which should allow for quicker delivery once your payment has cleared. Please use the notes section of your PayPal order for any special notes. Because some states and provinces have certain laws about back plate frames, we will call these frames front plate frames. 
Notify of

Pretty good wish list. I just picked up my SaabsUnited licence frame thanks to Jason out at Springmans. But the top of my Santa list is a Turbo X steering wheel to replace my standard Aero wheel. I have been dropping hints at home, but I might have to move unilaterally. I can’t beleive how cold that steering wheel is on these chilly Decemeber days (and it still hasn’t got below 0 here on the wet coast).


Don’t you wish Saab had introduced a heated steering wheel? Seems like it would’ve been a no brainer, from the car company that brought us a cooled glove box.


Just received all three isssues of the calendars, which will be proudly displayed on the walls here.
Thanks Till for an outstanding piece of work, thank you all readers of SU for adding some gobsmackingly nice pics to the fold. 2013 will be a most enjoyable year!.

Alan Izzo

Mine arrived yesterday, but I wish I’d waited and been able to order all 3 at the same time… DOH! 🙂
I’ve not opened them up yet, saving as a gift to myself for Xmas morning 🙂

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