cyc edition >> mioh 2013 calendar

While I was busy sorting the pics that were sent in for the SU calendar(s) I got in touch with a Swedish photographer who is, at least in his home country, well known under his pseudonym mioh. I liked the pics he sent and we were chatting about making a dedicated calendar using some of his pics.

The huge success of the SU calendars delayed the finalizing of this one a bit but I like it too much not to bring it on. It’s a bit more of an art calendar, printed on a very nice, silky paper. The size is A4 (29,7×21 cm). It can be ordered through the SU store at a price of Euro 13,50 or as a three piece set with the SU calendars at a price of Euro 32,00. As before, shipping will be a flatrate of Euro 3,70.

If any of you wants to order one SU calendar with this one please make two orders, I will refund one shipping fee. Otherwise we would have to set too many paypal buttons here.

On a sidenote, all orders up to today have been shipped now, things have delayed a bit as I visited Sweden at the end of last week. A bit more on that visit will follow later this week. If you have any inquiries or questions on the calendars please contact me directly through till72(at)

For those of you who wonder what cyc may be – it’s will be my new site, called cardyourcar and designed to create customized products of various kind. With a focus on cars, as the name already suggests, but also on Saab in particular. Right now I handle those calendar production for SU, more products are to follow once the cyc site is launched (expect it to be in January).

6 thoughts on “cyc edition >> mioh 2013 calendar”

    • Glad you like the photos. Till have done a great job with all calendars.
      As for May photo I’m glad the driver know what he was doing. Driving to close only once during the shooting… 🙂

  1. Great calendars, all 3! In the store there is the choice to buy 3 mioh for 32€. Is this the correct option to choose to buy one of each of all three calendars? Thanks in advance for clearing that up. I just received the first two today. Very nice, will be Xmas gift for my son. Decided I had to have them as well! So will buy all three.

    • Scott, as far as I know, the option for three is for the mioh one which is completely different then the first two calendars as this one is done with one photographer and is meant to be a price break for someone wanting to buy 3 of that particular calendar. Hope you enjoy the ones you’ve received already.

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