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I was recently contacted by one of my ex customers of 25 years who has bought numerous cars from me over the years. He is now driving a 93X Wagon in which he has had an accident. The accident is minor in comparison to that in the last post. One of the parts required was a new rear wheel arch moulding and fixings. I must admit I did wonder if a relatively uncommon part like this would be readily available but guess what? Not a problem!

I contacted a friend of mine, David Leighton who is Dealer Development Manager at Saab Automobile Parts UK Ltd who put me in touch with FRF Motors here in Wales. The part was readily available, so I ordered it and it was delivered to me, some 45 miles away from the dealer, within 4 days! I have now managed to get the car repaired and back to the customer all within a week.

By contrast, I have today spoken to another ex customer who no longer owns his Saab due to listening to motor trade gossip and rumour about poor or non existent Saab parts availability. Unfortunately he did not contact me to discuss his concerns but instead traded in his beloved 93 Tid Wagon for a Toyota. I dread to think what they offered him as a trade in value based on this scaremongering gossip. In his own words it was a “big wrench” to get rid of his Saab.

My point  here is that there must be a lot of people out there who have left Saab due to needless panic and worry over parts availability and car values. Whilst some have been reassured by a very good mailing by Saab Automobile Parts UK Ltd, it clearly shows there is still a lot more work to be done in this area and I think we the community can also play a big part in this.

Whenever I see someone driving a Saab or parking up at a shopping complex I always ask them how they are getting on with it and who is looking after the car for them. I think it is crucial for us all to keep enforcing the point that things are not as unstable as some might have them believe. Yes of course some used car dealers are going to scare the wits out of someone trading in a Saab in an attempt to pay an artificially low price for it. But again we can help, we have our very own section right here on SU to sell your Saab and I know for a fact the prices out there right now are not as bad as some used car dealers are trying to get away with.

Just like my second customer who unfortunately listened to ill founded advice and rumour there are also those out there that can be convinced otherwise from somewhat more reliable sources such as us.

Let us all keep enforcing the point of not panicking and to carry on!

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The trouble with parts availability is that it’s sporadic depending on the part. I’d think that parts for things like the NG9-5 and 9-3X are actually greater in many ways as they never built or sold many so there was an inventory of parts for producing the cars in the first place and as they never got built those parts are now in stock. Where for parts which are applicable to older cars where you need the tooling to build a new run of them and the market isn’t there makes it more difficult to source. Even so, if people… Read more »


I work for a car organization that covers 9 different brands, including SAAB. Anytime it comes around to giving a trade-in value on a SAAB they say that the market is non-existent and throw out a ridiculously low number. Then they turn around and mark that used car over retail cost to sell on their lot. And you know what… Those used SAABs don’t last long, because I think people really do see the value there. It is always a lot of car for the money, which is what I’ve always liked about mine. All you have to do is… Read more »


I think part of the equation is supporting a defunct brand – kind of like supporting the Hartford Walers or Quebec Nordiques. I think the newish Saab owners (2008+) are in a tough spot. On one hand you’re gonna take a major depreciation loss if you sell or trade, on the other hand you’ve got a nice newish car that should last for years but without any support (think software updates and recalls). Nowadays new cars receive firmware updates as frequently as your smartphone – who’s monitoring firmware updates on my NG9-5? I have a feeling that its…NOBODY. Just like… Read more »


It is still somewhat concerning when you are trying to source a part and you are told it is on indefinite back order. It would be nice to know that supply might become more stable. Those of us who rely on our cars as daily drivers and workhorses need to feel secure knowing we can get repairs done without a lot of angst and downtime.

Angelo V.

And that explains the low trade-in value and poor resale. As for the claim (above) that car lots are selling these cars at high prices—-I don’t know how they’re managing that. It isn’t happening in my area. Saab prices are beaten up something awful. Good time to buy one, bad time to sell one. If parts and service become stable, they are great values. But if “firmware updates” are failing, it’s a problem. It’s one reason why some of the new garbage on cars rubs me the wrong way. I don’t need these things to get from point A to… Read more »

Radu Radulescu

I hope that people here will not perceive my post as selfish or too inappropriate. I would like to take advantage of this discussion on parts to ask for help with procuring a shifter leather knob for a manual 1994 900 turbo convertible (classic body style). Does anybody happen to have one or a lead to how to get one? Thanks a lot!


needed this part 4126355, quoted $146 AUD via local parts ex sweden, $180 NZL ex new zealand, $100 USD ex usa, delivery dates unknown, don’t like getting ripped off so time to move to a more sustainable read affordable brand,


Maby this is better?

Or dont you have any places to by used parts wher you live?


second hand parts also very expensive down under, get majority of parts from europe [parts for saabs have very good postage rates to australia, much cheaper than neos, elkparts were also good while in business], all deliveries ex usa start at approximately $40 plus part so either way its expensive….


Just about to book my 9-3 in for a main service, so it will be interesting to see what they say about software updates. Either way, everything seems to be working fine on that front, so inclined to leave the current software as is, especially the Maptun software! By the way, Saab Parts UK are now distributing a newsletter, Torque. I received the link below on Friday, it’s about 14 pages of mainly service and parts info but thought it might be of interest, even though it’s specific to the UK market. There’s even a small piece on NEVS, with… Read more »

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