Performance upgrades on offer from Hirsch.

Today Hirsch sent out an offer of performance upgrades for your Saabs.

Starting January 1st, Hirsch Performance offers a 50% special discount on all software performance upgrades for vehicles from model year 2007 and older and a 30% discount on all performance upgrades for vehicles from model year 2008 and 2009.
This special offer makes it possible for owners of older Saab models to upgrade their vehicles at a very attractive price and enjoy the Hirsch Performance driving experience.

The discount price is on the consumer price (excluding VAT) and is valid from January 1, 2013.
Please contact your “Saab Dealer” for a price quote including installation costs.


16 thoughts on “Performance upgrades on offer from Hirsch.”

  1. I really would like to upgrade my 9-3 Aero Griffin 2012 BioPower but it’s not available in any market according to Hirsch site ( Does anyone know if it is available anyway from a dealer in Sweden?

    • Here’s a wildcard tip: The 9-3 Aero Griffin has virtually the same engine as the NG 9-5 2.0 turbo 220 hp BioPower. And Hirsch has a 260 hp/400 Nm engine upgrade for that one. It could maybe fit your car, but you must of course check with Hirsch first.

    • Have you looked into VTuner or JZW? They might have a tune for your car – no promises but I know a lot of owners run their tunes.

    • Hi “Coke is it”,

      It is possible to get that 260hp/400Nm software in Sweden. I have it in my brand new Griffin Aero [ ] that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I bought the Hirsch software through the Hirsch specialist Stefan at ANA in Trollhättan. But I suppose that any dealer with iPRO can provide you with it.
      “Not Available in your market” means that the software is available but no homologation for your country/market. So we in Sweden can’t get this software officially registered for the car. So it will be like any 3-party upgrade (illegal), but with Hirsch you’ll get high quality & all warranties left.

      • Sounds great! Thank you for the info 🙂

        Are you satisfied with the upgrade?

        I think my Griffin is a really good car but it lacks some power when overtaking other cars and it looks like the upgrade would make it perform better in such cases. I think my old 9-3 MY08 performed better when overtaking but was slower at 0-100 km/h.

        • Hi,
          I don’t know how the car behaved with stock 220hp/350Nm since we upgraded it the same day as we purchased the car. I think the 220hp was to little for a Aero. Anyhow, the 260hp behaves well & we are satisfied.

  2. Hirsch lists a 300hp/295torque upgrade for the OG 9-5 260hp/258torque engine. This would be a nice performance gain and would probably get rid of the soft power delivery at launch. Unfortunately, it is not available in the USA. I checked availability in several other countries, but this upgrade comes up as “Not Available” everywhere I checked. Any thoughts on this?

    • In Germany that mod is also listed as no longer available!! I take it that Hirsch are of the opinion that there are no longer enough vehicles out there where the owners are likely to want such an upgrade!!

    • Very Good, that was almost funny, are some people over the your side of the pond finally developing a sense of humour that includes Irony. On a more serious note Hirsch needs to widen its customer base in order to keep the money coming in, one would think they must be working on products that are not Saab related, but since they do not at the moment need to do any research and development on Saab engine tuning products I cannot see a good reason why they do not simply slash their prices by 50% across the board on all software tuning upgrades, the development costs have been met and in the UK £300 to £400 is a figure that many people would consider while a price that is going on £800 is a turn off, however many of the Saab Parts UK appointed dealers do not seem to have the expertise or functioning equipment to complete a Hirsch upgrade. At the moment if I wanted a Hirsch upgrade on a car I would have a job to find a dealer able to do one!

  3. A little bit of off-topic: Does anyone know what will become of Hirsch? Will they enter partnership with another automobile brand ?

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