Saab Art That Is Simply Amazing-Marek Maest

Yesterday I was looking through Facebook a little and came across a painter by the name of Marek Maest. Marek had shared some Saab paintings he had done with us in email on Facebook. I don’t check Facebook email for SU very often, but man was I glad I did.

Marek specializes in equestrian and pet paintings/portraits and cars.He is a Saab fan and you can see it in his work. Saab is not the only cars he has painted and has even done so work for Mercedes but for some reason, his Saab paintings are to me the best. You can see his public album on Facebook here. Truly amazing work and I am glad I came across it. I have spent some of today speaking back and forth with him and he is a great guy with unimaginable talents.


As you can see, the quality of work is some of the very best examples around. They are also all one of a kind oil paintings and most were paintings requested by clients from the Saab Club in Slovakia.

I never tire of Saab art and am very impressed with what I see here.

At Saab Session Slovakia 2012 in October, he had a booth setup where people could watch his art become life. Saab Session Slovakia was an event put on by the Saab Club in Slovakia and was a gathering of friends from neighboring areas. Saab Session sounds very impressive as well and falls right in line with that Saab sense of community. Here are more photos from the event itself.

Marek Maest 2012

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Marek. Marek does all sorts of oil based paintings and is available for special projects. If you want a painting of your Saab or even a family oil painting, he can do it all and his pricing is beyond reasonable. For the quality of work that he does, I would almost say his paintings are cheap but the quality is anything but.

Marek Maest

Marek can be reached by email at [email protected]

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Martin T16s

These are absolutely fantastic Jason!! What a find!


One word; amazing…


Thanks for making us aware of this fantastic artist, Jason.


I was a lucky one who bought amazing picture of black 900T at auction during SAAB SESSION SLOVAKIA. Great deal!

Angelo V.

I have a great oil painting (I will try to scan and send it) —– a vintage scene of Kunkle Motors (Kunkle, Pennsylvania) which at the time, was a Saab/MG dealership. The painting shows Saabs in various colors. I think they are 96s from the 1960s.


There are a bit more pictures from the event. It was in important one, because it attempts to start a tradition of international meetings in central/eastern Europe, not limited to 1-2 countries only. As far as I know, the largest one in Slovakia so far, with around 55-60 Saabs, which is for such a small country with appx. half of the population of Paris urban area, a pretty nice success. No chance to achieve that without attendance of Saabs from other countries. A 2013 edition will be there for sure.


Jason, What a good search you did; this is a great artst and he is member of a great Saab Club.
These pictures of their reunion are in one word fantastic.
Would be nice if Marek would become a memebr of SU, or he probably already is?

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