SAAB Of The Week

For the first week of getting SAAB Of The Week going again we had a lot of great photo’s to choose from and it made picking one a tad difficult. In the end we went with the following two for one photo from Bräd Lauzze from Honeoye Falls, NY. He was home over the holidays and took this picture of his ’97 900 SE and ’04 9-5 Aero Combi. Someone yesterday was talking about Saab being ahead of their time and looking at your ’97, I have to agree. That car looks as new and beautiful as anything new on the roads today.

Thank you for sharing this perfect photo of two Saabs in their natural enviroment Bräd. Please continue to send your pictures for Saab Of The Week to [email protected].

7 thoughts on “SAAB Of The Week”

  1. Nice picture ! I wonder since i also do own a 9-5 sportswagon and a 96 900 se cabrio. How many among us do have the same combination of these two cars? Perhaps it is a nice idea to make a story about that

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