SAAB People Are Awesome

The other day I featured an artist that just blew me away. In the photo’s link in the post was an event called SAAB Session Slovakia 2012 where I first saw the picture below and thought nothing more of it other then it looked like a very cool toy for kids to ride on and the attention to detail looked outstanding.

Little did I know how wrong I was and the amount of work that went into building something so incredibly special.

Yesterday I received a link to a Facebook album that gave a full story in pictures of this wonderful car that was designed as a tribute to the great Erik “On the roof” Carllson. The photo seen here:

seems to have acted as motivation for a group of Saab loyalist to take the Red Bull Rapids challenge in Cunovo, Slovakia to the next level with an On The Roof Carlsson raft.

From the blog Saabism is a bit of an overview:

So we decided to make a custom red Erik Carlsson Saab 96 model, which can swim on the roof and compete on the event. A 1:1 scale would be too much, but the model is pretty large, it still has to carry four mariners. The size of the vessel is reduced a bit (length x width x height) : 2,7m x 1,4m x 1m vs. original 4m x 1,57m x 1,47m.

The size is a compromise between hosting 4 people on board and transportation to the place of the competition. One of us has an old VW Bus, which can carry our Saab vessel wherever needed.

Actually this is a third amphibian (as we could find) Saab ๐Ÿ™‚ It can travel on the road as well as swim on the water. It has wheels on which it rides to the water and than with a bit of magic combined with muscle power converts itself into a vessel.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย 
Very cool to see from the photos, the vessel come together and look so incredible. There are many more photo’s in the album that show this go from styrofoam to completed 96 with the “PA TAKET” or “On The Roof” plastered across the hood. Also neat to see the first photo of the van full of styrofoam to another of the completed car/vessel being transported to the event in the same van.

The Red Bull event itself, I can’t seem to find how they did but really it doesn’t matter, they did it. Look at how much fun this is.

I’m so glad to come across stuff like this and to be able to have a platform to allow us to all be connected. This event and all the photo’s came to me by simply finding an artist who is then connected to a group of Saab fans. The time and effort that goes into something like this and to honor a man like Erik Carlsson in doing so deserves some recognition from the Saab community. Good job, hope to see it competing again.

10 thoughts on “SAAB People Are Awesome”

  1. Official Rb videos (sorry only in Slovak)
    Short –
    Longer –

    We finished the course all on board and in once piece, except the front bench. If it was not for the slow & controlled launch because of safety and unfortunate placement of the IR timer on the top of the launch slope, we would have one of the best times. To be honest we made few shortcuts, going over the boulders instead of around, but thats just to prove the toughness of classic SAAB shape ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jason, you outdid yourself with this post. Definitely in the “you have to see it to believe it” category.

    And the featured vehicle is much more attractive than the original Amphicar!

  3. Slovakia. I’ve had a Saab since before Slovakia split from the Czech Republic and I’m driving it to work tomorrow. Nice photos guys. Keep going. Hey there’s a Czech cafe near my house in de Windy City..

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