Merry Christmas from SaabsUnited


As days start to get quiet before Christmas it’s a welcome chance for us to reflect a bit on the past year. When it comes to Saab quite a few positive things have happened – mostly behind closed doors as it has become the culture at Saab under NEVS ownership. The extent of work that has been done became public with the first pre-production car that came off the line in September and then finally the real reviving of the factory with the start of serial production just a few weeks ago. And this is just the first step. We will surely see more things to come next year. No doubt it will be interesting and finally in a positive way again.

On the fan side we had the Saab Festival this summer in Trollhättan. Those fun days really proved that the Saab spirit is still strong and very alive. Of course I should not forget to mention the numberless other events all around the world – from the large ones like IntSaab and [email protected] to the small local club events. Hats off to all who organized those.

SaabsUnited this year saw the ownership tranfer solely into my hands, which on the frontpage meant no big change at all. The most satisfying thing for all in the team is that at some point we finally got some news to write about again. And it is encouraging to know that there will be more. Another point for us is the migration of the SaabsUnited store to We did that mostly to use the logistic synergies and to be able to offer more items than could before. I hope you enjoy it.

Finally, on a very personal note, early this year I had to face a very tough loss as Nic Schellekens passed away unexpectedly and way too soon. I know that many within the community came across him, be it during the organization of WeAreSaab in the Netherlands or on any other occasion. I enjoyed many conversations (mostly about Saab) with him and also cardyourcar was something we both started up about a year ago. I salute you, ol’ grumpy Scotsman.

Whatever your memories of the passing year are, I hope you also get some rest and find time to reflect on them while being among your loved ones. I, along with the entire team of SaabsUnited want to wish you a Merry Christmas. Enjoy those quiet days, things will start to get loud again soon enough. For example when you take your Saab for a holiday ride…

2014 9-3 Aero for sale in Swedish classifieds

Many former SAAB-dealers in Sweden has since the bankruptcy sold second hand SAAB’s, and many of them also purchased cars from the bankruptcy administrators so they had a stock of used SAAB cars.
As we know will Nevs sell the 2014 9-3 Aeros via their website, but now we have a former dealer of SAAB cars who want to sell cars from their showroom.


The firm Northcar in Sundsvall, Sweden, have for sale a number of 2014 9-3 Aeros that they have ordered from Nevs. Northcar still have a SAAB workshop and sell spare parts for SAAB cars, and they have a showroom there they sell other brands. That you can now go to their showroom and buy a new SAAB tells me that they have faith in SAAB! The price is 5000 SEK higher compared to if you buy the car direct from Nevs, and you’ll miss the factory tour and experience when you collect your car in Trollhättan.
Since the car is registered in Sweden, you can have it registered  in others EU country as well, so if someone aboard want to buy a 2014 9-3 Aero, this is your first chance!

First version of the electrical drivetrain ready for the 9-3 sedan

“Production starts early next year” reports P4 Väst’s reporter Victor Jensen.

The city of Qingdao, part owner of Nevs, will purchase the first 200 EVs with delivery starting April.

Mattias Bergman is quoted saying “You will observe a continuous change, but the first specifications have arrived. The specifications will be gradually changed, both battery and drivetrain”.

Range at first will be limited to ~200km and the car itself will be 80% similar to its ICE cousin. “The difference will be the drivetrain”.

The car will be produced in Trollhättan with final assembly taking place in China. Nevs have two facilities producing batteries there, so they will be mounted there.

“Production of the EVs in Trollhättan will commence early next year” adds Mattias Bergman, “it does not take long to produce them, but then they must be shipped to China as well”.

“This is an important part of our vision that our customers not be dependent of fossile fuelds, but retain the freedom of getting around in a passenger car. This is what is important to us, and where our focus is. Finally we let the customers decide if they prefer an EV or a conventional ICE.”

Yesterdays sales of the Saab 9-3 Aero 2014


Yesterday at 14:00CET (GMT+1) the sales started for the new Saab through Nevs website. It was a great start of the sale because they received a total of 15 orders of new Saabs throughout the day.

-“It is pleasing that we directly met an interest that also led to the ordered cars. And our first customer in Trollhättan actually visited me yesterday afternoon. We are humble but also hopeful for future sales. Many people have heard of and want to make an appointment for a test drive, which starts in January “– Jonas Hernqvist, Nevs Sales Manager


The first new Saabs have been ordered!

göran fredriksson
Göran Fredriksson, Photo by Stefan Bennhage

As we all know, the Internet sale of the new produced NEVS 9-3 Aero 2014 started earlier today, and the sale started at 14:00CET (GMT+1) on And it turned out that interest in new cars is there, already at 15: 30CET (GMT+1) they had recieved 10 orders.

– “It’s quite a lot of traffic on the website, simply good statistics, said Göran Fredriksson Nevs communication department to TTELA at 16 o’clock.”

Since they have chosen to an early stage of launching the new car to sale it through their website, there were speculations on how big interest would be. And it turned out that the response and the interest in the relatively new sales channel has been pretty good.

“It feels fantastic! It is always difficult to know how it will go, “said Göran Fredriksson”

Specifications for the 9-3 Aero 2014

9-3 aero


Production of the Saab 9-3 Aero has started in Trollhättan, Sweden. This is great news for Saab customers and supporters around the world. This popular model is coming back in great form, as fun-to-drive as ever and carrying the legacy of innovation and Scandinavian design forward. Initially the cars will be sold to customers in China and Sweden. However, over time the Saab 9-3 Aero and other models will also be available to customers in other markets.

A new Saab 9-3 Aero Sedan 2014 will cost 279 000 SEK (approx $42618) including VAT with the six-speed manual transmission, and 289 000 SEK (approx $44145) including VAT with the six/speed automatic transmission. The price of this very limited edition of Saab 9-3 Aero Sedan includes free service for 3 years, roadside assistance insurance for 2 years and 3 years of cart injury guarantee.


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