3rd Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting, a great success.

We had a great email from Dimitri and Fred about the weekends Saab meet in Le Côty, Switzerland. It certainly looks like it was a very enjoyable weekend and a great success.

On Saturday morning our neighbour came with his tractor to put the snow away just before we hear the nice sound of a Saab 900 Turbo 16, some northern french arrived in a yellow 900 Aero. At 11 am and since then a regularly flow of Saab from France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Belgium and even Sweden came in.
The nice Swedish red 900 Aero didn’t come directly from Sweden, our great and famous friend Lennart, THE Sonett specialist came with it from the Geneva Lake area.

Thanks to our sponsors (Hirsch Performance, Saab Parts AB, Garage Asticher, Atlas Editions and Dimini.ch) we could give a nice welcome package to each participant !

Everyone brought some nice local specialities to share and we tasted about everything with a great pleasure. In the meantime the children and some adults played in the snow.
The weather was cold and snowy, but isn’t it nice when you’re coming in the Swiss mountains ?

At about 6 pm after cleaning up with the help of everybody, we moved to the Restaurant La Vieille Fontaine at Mariette’s, she was waiting for us with her staff and some new Saab fans who also came in.

We had a really warm friendly evening meal with the cheese fondue “Neuchâteloise” with Swiss white wine from the area.

After the meal, Frederic and Lydie counted the votes and we distributed the prices with some special prices for the very involved people in the Saab Community. For example Etienne (Saabhuy from Belgium) and Remi from Saablog-In received an exclusive UrSaab photo and a Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting apron, as well as Ellen from Belgium and Mariette for her great fondue !

Lennart received the Best of show price (voted by the audience) for his red 900 Aero, the price was a Sonett II in a glass “ice cube”, so the perfect price for him !

As the most of people were sleeping there, some were talking for hours.

On Sunday morning, Mariette and her staff prepared a great brunch with a lot of swiss meal as rösti, local sausage in bred, local cheese, home made marmelade, etc.

Because of the bad weather conditions on the road, the Saab fans left early afternoon and we hope they have all come back home safe.

Remi will do a report on Saablog-In .

Thanks for coming and see you next year in our white mountains !

Dimitri and Frederic

Thank you for the report and I will certainly try and get to this event next year. First I must get a set of winter tyres, something we in the South West of England do not normally think about. (Snow socks yes,).
Some photos from Etienne.

A video of the event has just been added to Saablog-in

Please remember to send in your meeting reports to share with us all.

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