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A little while ago I wrote a post about the Saab 006 kids car which was offered for sale in 1986 with a very limited number available. After posting this piece, I received an interesting email from Jan Martens.

Hello Jason,
I’ve  read your article about the Saab 006.There were two kinds of models. One small version like in your article,and one large version with big wheels.
I own one small version complete in very good original condition. Also I have the complete handbook ,and the prospectus in German language.
But the most interesting thing that I have is the following : I have the  ten of the last new bodies for sale and one large Saab 006 large version without engine for sale (restoration project).
The 10 bodies are in the 4 original colors(white, silver, red and gold) like you can see in the pics.
If anybody wants more information or wants to buy one or more of the bodies, they can contact me directly.

I emailed Jan back to find out just how he came to own these shells. It would seem that several years ago, a friend from Finland knew that there were 14 of the last bodies somewhere near the Saab factory and had asked if he had any interest in them.


Jan knew a truck driver who was traveling to Finland with a load but was coming back with an empty load. This is a perfect scenario because he had to come back either way and Jan was able to get a great transport price for all 14.

If anyone is interested in any of these bodies, please contact Jan directly at [email protected]. Jan is located in Belgium.

In the picture above you can see Laurens and Liselore, son and daughter of Peter De Ketelaere from Belgium, normally spotted driving a Toppola.

20 thoughts on “Follow Up To The Saab 006”

  1. Just awesome! I didn’t know theese cars existed at all 🙂 They look very cool and the bodies herr seem to be in very good knick! Does someone else have the specs for the engines etc offered with theese cars?

    Thanks for sharing with us Jan!

  2. I once did a brochure for a company called King Minicars, if I remember correctly. They were cars like the Saab 006. Small cars, for children. Withj an electric motor.
    In the brochure I had pictures of a Volvo 740, a truck and a farm tractor. Is this Saab made by King Minicars??

    • All these small Saab’s were made in the late 80’s by Lokari Oy Leo Laine in Rauma, Finland. They almost all had a 3,5 hp Tecumseh or Fiat Agri lawn mower engine and a variator. Max speed approx 35 km/h.
      Also a De Luxe variation was produced in very small numbers, with lights and electric start.
      Total production was some 300 units, all of them are probably not finished since some loose bodies are existing

    • hallo,
      I am the owner of these Saab 006 bodys.Shipping costs arevery expensiv I think ,because You have to put it in a box of 2.20 x 1.20 x1,00 m.The best way is to come with a Saab 900 classic 3-or5 doors.You can put this body correct in your trunk room.I’ m living in Belgium .So,make a nice Belgium weekend!!!
      See you . Jan Martens

    • Hallo Chris

      I am the owner of these Saab 006 Body’s
      I think there is not such a Children Saab in the Museum.
      I have visit the museum sinds 1994 allmost every year,and I’ve never seen one.
      F they need one,I have still some.

      Jan Martens Belgium

  3. Hello i have a 006 in my garage , fully working its a wee cracker of a car its a 4 stroke 127 cc engine it has leather and typical saab steering wheel, looking for brochure and shell have emailed man in belguim so heres hoping……..

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