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This morning I received an email from Tim Colbeck which contained the following press release about the Saab Secure Program being released today which will give a Limited Lifetime Protection Plan on internal engine components. Tim wanted to give us the SAABSUNITED community an advance copy of the release and once again, I thank him for always having the Saab customer in mind in all he does.

Here is the Press-Release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                      January 10, 2013

 Saab Automobile Parts North America Launches Saab Secure Program for recent Saab Owners               

  • Program makes available a Limited Lifetime Protection Plan on internal engine components for 2010 and 2011 Model Year Saab owners for no initial cost.
  • Offers affordable extended vehicle service contract coverage, backed by a respected industry partner.
  • Program complements the recent agreement between Saab Automobile Parts North America and General Motors to provide warranty services on 2009 and prior model year vehicles.
  • Saab Automobile parts North America has created an infrastructure to ensure Saab Owners have access to Saab Genuine Parts, Accessories and Service for many years to come.

Today, Saab Automobile Parts North America (SPNA) announced its Saab Secureprogram.  The program was developed to support those 2010 and 2011 model year Saab owners left without warranty coverage due to the bankruptcy of Saab Automobile AB in Sweden.

All 2010 and 2011 model year Saab vehicle owners are eligible to come in for a no charge initial oil change and service, which includes BG Products, Inc. engine oil additives.   This service initiates the Limited Lifetime Protection Plan backed by BG.  As long as the owner continues to service their vehicle within the required intervals and at a Saab Official Service Center, the protection plan will continue for the life of the vehicle.

In addition to the Limited Lifetime BG Protection Plan, Saab Secure will offer 2010 and 2011 model year vehicles, with up to 70,000 miles, a menu of Saab Secure vehicle service contracts that provide extended coverage levels and terms at affordable prices.  Coverage is available from Basic Care powertrain coverage to Premier Care comprehensive component coverage, and is available in terms from 1 to 5 years from the date of contract purchase. These products are being launched in partnership with Pablo Creek Services, Inc.

“Just over a year ago the news was not good.  Saab owners in North America and globally had just learned of the bankruptcy of one of the world’s most cherished automobile brands,” said Tim Colbeck, President and CEO of SPNA.   “Today they are hearing some good news about parts, service and vehicle coverage.  It is news Saab owners and the Saab network deserve, and I’m pleased to announce our new programs and partner companies, who are all committed to serving Saab owners in North America.”

Today’s news follows the announcement last month that SPNA and GM entered into a Warranty Services Agreement that authorizes SPNA to provide warranty administration and related services through SPNAs network of Warranty Service Providers for model year 2009 and prior Saab vehicles still covered under the GM limited warranty.

The Saab Secure program launch marks the culmination of a busy startup period for SPNA.  In the spring of 2012, Saab Automobile Parts AB in Sweden established SPNA as its North American subsidiary.  In early June 2012, SPNA purchased the remaining parts inventory from the Saab Cars bankruptcy estate and began operations in North America.  Since then, SPNA has:

  • Established a network of 179 Official Service Centers in the US and Canada.
  • Returned availability of Saab parts back to the high levels that existed prior to the Saab Automobile AB bankruptcy.
  • Entered into an agreement with General Motors to administer warranty services on 2009 and prior model years, providing a seamless warranty experience for those Saab owners.
  • Launched the Saab Secure program to support owners of 2010 and 2011 Saab models.
  • Launched a North America Technical Assistance Center to provide technical help for Saab Service Centers in providing high quality repairs for Saab owners.
  • Launched a North America Customer Assistance Center on January 7, 2013 to support all Saab customers in North America needing assistance with inquiries about parts, accessories, service and technical support.
  • Launched a new SPNA website, and Facebook page to share up to date information about the company, service facilities and current promotions.

“The company has been working hard to build an infrastructure for the future.  It’s great that we are now able to launch these new programs, providing added support to Saab owners and the Saab service network.  We want to keep Saab cars and owners on the road well into the future” Colbeck concluded.

 About Saab Automobile Parts North America

Saab Automobile Parts North America was founded to ensure Saab owners in North America are supported with Genuine Parts, Accessories, Technical Support and Repair Service for years to come.  SPNA is a DBA for North America Distribution Services, a new company, separate and independent from the Saab Automobile companies that entered bankruptcy in 2011 and 2012.

The company is headquartered in suburban Detroit, Michigan; and operates a 153,000 square foot parts warehouse in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  There are approximately 40 employees and contractors in the company.


SPNA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saab Automobile Parts AB, a global spare parts and logistics company, headquartered in Sweden.  Saab Automobile Parts AB in Sweden was part of the Saab Cars family of companies.   However, unlike Saab Automobile AB, Saab Automobile Parts AB did not enter bankruptcy.  The company’s shares are now fully owned by the Swedish government, who recently formalized their ownership interest.  The company has been placed with the Ministry of Finance which currently runs about 36 companies out of the 55 companies wholly or partly owned by the Swedish government.  The government has stated their intention is to be a stable owner and develop the company further.


SPNA currently has 179 Official Service Centers throughout North America, many of whom are former Saab dealers.  The network continues to expand as the company identifies areas where Saab owners could use more support.  A full listing of Saab Official Service and Parts Centers is available on

Products and Services

SPNA is the exclusive authorized distributor to the North American market of the full line of Genuine Saab Parts and Accessories.   In addition, they are the exclusive provider of Genuine Saab Service through its network of Saab Official Service and Parts Centers.



56 thoughts on “PRESS-RELEASE SPNA Saab Secure Program”

  1. Promising. I can’t wait to see the details regarding the “menu of Saab Secure vehicle service contracts that provide extended coverage levels and terms at affordable prices.” I checked but didn’t see any additional details, but I did register as an owner.

    Does anyone have any information about this “BG” company? I’m not familiar with them…

      • “The company has been working hard to build an infrastructure for the future. It’s great that we are now able to launch these new programs, providing added support to Saab owners and the Saab service network. We want to keep Saab cars and owners on the road well into the future” Colbeck concluded.

    • BG is currently the best additives company, including fluids and machinery to change the fluids—-of anyone in the automotive world. They are the best out there, bar none. Last week, I just had a BG automatic transmission fluid flush for my 9-5. According to the shop—-if I recall correctly—-the capacity of the AT is 9 quarts and they used 16 quarts total—-to flush the old dirty fluid out until it was running clean through the machine—-then filled up to capacity. So in affect, if this is accurate—-they used 7 quarts of this expensive fluid just to make sure everything—-torque converter included—-was clean (now I’m wondering if it was quarts or pints???). Auto tech experts I’ve heard say that the BG machine is the best available. Also, BG 44K to clean your fuel system is the best product—-at least among the ones I’ve tried (and that’s quite a few different products over about 33 years of driving.). Depending on the age of your car, mileage and the condition of your fuel system—-you might actually feel a difference after using a bottle of 44K and see better fuel economy too. Like they say, “Grease is cheaper than steel.” If you are good with fluid changes/flushes—-you might head off expensive car repairs by keeping those systems in good, clean, well lubricated condition.

    • BG, as Angelo states, is a very reputable company and the best in the industry at what they do. If you begin using their products prior to 30k miles and use it every time my other half’s experience is that they will cover the engine on any make car every time. (He is a service writer at a Ford store for 10+ years plus a tech prior to that for 20+ yrs.). I do not know who Pablo creek services are though and will be equally interested to see the options and pricing available for other coverAges as well as who the actual administrator of the contacts will be as that is the more important part when it comes to actually obtaining the coverage.

    • I have a 2011 9-4X and live in Texas, I called a local dealer from Saab’s list for warranty work and a oil change, they do not service Saab’s but are on the service list. I have a feeling this will be a long road.

    • Depends, if you paid for it and have not used it, most companies will allow a cancellation but I’d check first when all info is out if they cover the same things. You may want to keep your extended as well.

      • Yeapo haven’t used it yet (no matter how many times I try I just end up paying for it because its not “covered”). Yeapo will check out all the info!

          • Sun Roof Leak (Common on SRX/9-4x)
            Front suspension top hats need replacing (Again Common Issue amongst Caddy SRX)
            I think a few other things I can’t remember right now

            • I have a 2011 9-4X with 15,000 miles on it, I live in Texas and it rained for two days and the passenger side floor board filled with water, are you saying it might be from my sun roof ?

            • I am unsure here at home without my paperwork whether the Warrantech policy can be cancelled or what kind of pro-rated refund you would get. But I will check on it for you tomorrow and let you know, kanundrum.

                • I try.
                  You can cancel the Warrantech contract and will lose just an administrative fee as well as maybe a slight dollar amount for the pro-rated time. But that should all be quite minimal.
                  I am awaiting information from someone on the details for the new SAAB Secure program since absolutely nothing has been provided to us yet. I sent emails to 2 contacts at SPNA this afternoon. As soon as more info is made available I will be happy to pass it along to all here. 🙂

  2. Tim Colbeck, though he hasn’t been with Saab that long, has worked tirelessly on our behalf as owners and enthusiasts. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with him at a few Saab get togethers and he is the genuine deal. We’re lucky we have him as an advocate.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. Anytime I have a question, he is as quick as can be to get back to me. This press-release if you search, had not been sent out yet when I posted. He wanted us to all know before it hit other media. This speaks to our community here as well (all of you) and that this is where most Saab owners communicate and he wants to reach the Saab owners. If there was an award for what he does, he certainly deserves it….. twice because he has never ran when most would have, he feels a connection with the Saab owners and continues to work for us all.

      • Off topic—-but if you tie GM to Saab’s woes, sort of on topic: Did you see where GM has said “Opel is not for sale?” Knowing GM—-that means they’re going to put Opel up for sale awful damn quick! Filchy liars.

    • Ditto….In addition to Saab-related gatherings, I’ve found Tim at industry events. It starts out with, hey, that guy looks familiar to hey, that’s Tim! And recall that Tim started as head of Saab Cars, NA just around the time the 2011 problems at Saab surfaced. Given where he is today and what he’s accomplished, he clearly can handle challenges and doesn’t give up.

      • you’re exactly right Steve, he came in right when the 9-4X was coming out and the problems began. I think his first week or two he was attending events with the 9-4X and attended a couple of the We Are Many events as well. When Saab was headed for bankruptcy I had asked him if he was sticking around and he said he would not leave with things the way they were. He had a commitment to the Saab owners and that may sound like I’m kissing butt, but it is not a lie, he wants to fix the problems that came out of bankruptcy and feels a deep commitment to the Saab customers. When he moved from SCNA to SPNA I think it filled him with passion to go from winding something down to building something up and building something up is what he does best.

        • +1
          Well said, Jason. I am proud to have met Tim and couldn’t be more pleased that he is the man that will lead SPNA into the future. I hope I have many more opportunities to work with him.

  3. Well, this is good news. I wonder how “limited” the warranty is? Curious to know about the cost and exclusions of the other plans. Hopefully they will be better than what was offered in the UK and I can afford it. I will miss going to my great, convenient indy shop, but I guess peace of mind is worth it.

  4. The tie up to BG is not something I’d have ever expected but they do make good products. Colbeck is a standup guy, he answered his cell phone a while back when I called him about this very topic I was impressed with that. He seemed genuine in the conversation. I know Saab falling apart isn’t his doing. That said I do wish there would have been better communication the past year, either online or a courtesy card but it is what it is. I’ll get excited (or not) about this when I see what can be covered and at what price. The sting of having to now buy back a warranty I actually paid for with the car purchase will be long lasting but getting fair coverage at a reasonable price would go a long way to give some
    peace of mind.

    • remember that this is Saab Parts working to get anything to us, this is not Spyker or the old Saab Cars, this is Saab parts. I’m just glad that someone has stepped up and done anything.

      • I realize that but Colbeck was running SCNA under the old regime before, during and after the collapse. I stand by my thinking the communication about the future of warranties could have been better especially to the 2010-2011 owners. I’m glad someone stepped up and is doing something now but I have yet to see exactly what they have in mind in terms of what it will cost so how glad I am is impossible to say. Business is business, SPNA is in it for the money just like any other company, they aren’t doing it purely out of the kindness of their hearts but hopefully the plan will be at least fair.

    • Well overall this is very good news. I, too, just purchased an extended warranty a few months ago however it can be cancelled. We’ll have to see what type of plans they offer and price.
      I’m also skeptical of this BG thing “limited lifetime warranty”. If we have to abide by their schedule, and not Saab’s, it could be a joke. Such as changing the oil every 5,000 mi. and adding some expensive questionable additive which it sounds like. Keep in mind the Saab manual, and just about every other makes manuals, say specifically NOT to use any oil additives at all. Again I hope this isn’t one of those scam snake oil deals. BG also promotes those tranny fluid exchange machines which Saab in the past has sent out bulletins to dealers to NOT use these machines.
      Should be interesting how this all pans out. Also I’m guessing all of us owners that bought pre-10′ models that were owned/sold by Spyker will be covered and eligible for all this stuff.

      • Cosmic: The most highly regarded auto technicians where I live swear by BG products. Regarding the tranny flush—-I had one on my Saab recently. I’m not sure why having one would be discouraged by Saab—-but in my opinion, getting contaminated fluid out of the torque converter and the entire transmission seems to make sense. That can’t be accomplished by draining and refilling—-i.e., mixing old fluid and new fluid. If you believe that the fluid is good for the life of the car and never has to be changed—-good luck with that. If you think the fluid SHOULD be changed—-wouldn’t you want to change it all instead of a portion? By the way, you mentioned abiding by a schedule that you consider silly—-changing oil every 5000 miles??? What interval do you recommend? I use synthetic and I’ll go a year or 6000 miles, whichever comes first—-so 5000 miles doesn’t sound unreasonable to me. Grease is cheaper than steel.

        • Hi Angelo,
          Well it seems like one of those proprietary service/products that just generates protected profits for shops. Why would BG products be any better than other quality products on the market? It’s a system designed to generate profits for shops which isn’t bad in itself as long as customers realize that.
          Are the techs near where you live shop owners or just hourly techs?
          And Saab’s interval on the 9-3 SS/SC have been up to 18,000 miles. I’m on my 3rd SS/SC in 9 years and have put a total over 270,000 miles between the 3. I’ve also done several used oil analysis and using the proper long life oil it can easily go up to 18,000 mi. So, again, having an increased interval, like Valvoline also does for their warranty, is ludicrous. You should only have to follow the manufactures service schedule.
          To the tranny: Simple drain and fills are less disruptive to the internals of the trannys vs. flushes. When you hook up those machines the velocity can dislodge built up gunk and lodge in areas then clog things like solenoids. Some trannys are designed to have the clutch material mixed within the fluid to provide proper friction. There are a few schools of thought here and I don’t mean to get off topic.

      • When I purchased my new 2011 Saab 93 XWD, Just Saab of Dayton salesman, recommended I change oil every 5,000 miles if I intend to keep the car. I have used BG Products in the past but not on this Saab.

        I have done that using Amsoil Motor oil in it.

        Am wondering if we will be getting anything in the mail about this warranty?

      • Nav updates for example. Also, imagine a new OS update for iPhone that the infotainment system does not recognize. Also, for the NG 9-5, I’d image there could be updates for the traffic sign display (in the center speedometer display) so it picks up more signs (I believe its GPS based).

  5. As far as updates go I am actually in process right now of email exchange with the newly created TAC for a customer with the old navi/clock issues which had been addressed previously by GM bulletin P0185C since that update is no longer able to be done through the GM TIS2WEB as previous. Will be happy to post here when I get a response from them-hopefully tomorrow. 🙂

  6. By the way Julie and to the folks at SPNA, what happens when a recall comes out? For instance there are a lot of recalls out on the SRX but 0 on the 9-4x assuming they are the same entity almost since it was the same plant and parts for the most part.

    Just some food for thought that’s all

    • I wonder what happens if there is a safety recall? It’s hard to imagine that owners would be on the hook to pay for a mandatory safety recall. There should be a fund set up for that—-regardless of if the company tanks.

      • I have wondered the same thing. I know the SRX had a fuel tank recall to address the strange noises that come from the fuel tank. I have the noises, but no support or recall.

        • You know, in a very technical legal sense—-since some of the Saabs are based so closely on GM products and also using GM components—-I would think GM might have a vested interest in staying on top of safety issues in the sister cars—-even if they aren’t GMs. If someone was dramatically injured in an accident involving a Saab—-the victim’s lawyer is going to look to the source with the most money who could be tied to the accident. Couldn’t a case be made that since Saab went out of business and the 9-4 is basically a Cadillac SRX—-and ESPECIALLY because GM was the party responsible for not allowing Saab to continue with GM technology—-that GM might ultimtely be responsible? I don’t see this as a big stretch at all and in fact, I would encourage those in the Saab community with Muller era GM derived Saabs to put a scare in the demons at GM. Go ahead and rattle them a little.

    • I agree and would like to know of any bulletins that come out on our 9-4X.

      That said, for those reading this blog and have raised an eyebrow at the number issues mentioned here with the 9-4X, we have nearly 25K miles on our 9-4X Premium and have not experienced the leaking from the sunroof (or elsewhere) or the fuel tank knocking others have experienced.

      So while this is certainly frustrating for all of us, there are those who so far have not experienced these significants issues. (And I’ve probably just jinxed myself …)

      Have a great weekend everyone.

  7. Jason (or any other member of the SU Crew),

    I wanted to ask this question publicly in case there are others in this boat. I have 2008 Turbo X SC. This car originally had the GM warranty. I purchased it CPO in October 2010 just after Spyker purchased SAAB. Since the Spyker bankruptcy I have been told that even though the car was pre-Spyker the CPO warranty was issued during the Spyker era and that my car would be treated as a 2010 or 2011 SAAB.

    So where do I (and others like me) fit? Do I fit into the previous warranty services agreement since my car was made under the GM umbrella? Or do I fit into the SAAB Secure agreement as if my car was a true Spyker Era SAAB?

    Thanks for your time.


    • Nate, your car should be covered with the GM 5 year/100,000 powertrain warranty. Whatever the CPO warranty was it is now void just like a regular Spyker warranty afik.

      I don’t know what the he** is going on with the bankruptcy in the US and I wish somebody here on SU would follow the thing.
      There is plenty of money and once the secured creditors are paid there should be a warranty trust fund established to cover all of our warranties–this whole situation is pathetic! GM and Chrysler took care of in days.

      So why isn’t anybody covering the bankruptcy of SCNA?

      • Cosmic, I hate to disagree with you but Nates car may NOT be covered under the P/T coverage as his car may not have had it. The way to know for sure is to provide me the VIN#, Nate, and allow me to look in the system.
        Nate, as far as th CPO portion goes though, you are correct in that only CPO purchased prior to 2/23/10 still have valid CPO coverage. If your issue is one that would be covered by P/T then you may or may not be in luck. PM me your VIN please so I can check for you!
        I will also ask the question about CPO cars to Tim Colbeck as this is a valid question and one that requires answers.
        We have also been told, both in the 12/21 press release and in the one dated yesterday that a CAC has been established but no # has been provided for that either so I am trying to get that number for ya’ll.
        Probably will be next week until I have more answers but I will be sure to post as soon as i have them.

        • Julie I’m assuming the car was purchased while under GM ownership before 2-23-10. That would determine it correct? When I purchased in Aug. 10 I do know there were a couple TX’s still around, one being in Atlanta the other in West Texas.

  8. “Program makes available a Limited Lifetime Protection Plan on internal engine components for 2010 and 2011 Model Year Saab owners for no initial cost.”

    Do we have any idea if this is only for the engine and turbo or does this also include the entire powertrain?

    • Another good question.
      From BG’s website it says “only for components covered by their fluids”. So maybe the 5 speed tranny, not the 6 speed as it needs a special fluid most likely.
      And definitely not the Haldex 4 system as that uses 3 different proprietary fluids.
      Also, under their published program the limit is $4000 for engine and $1000 for tranny. We all know that is nothing. The 9-3 SS V6 is over $10,000 and the tranny is over $6,000.
      Now I’m hoping that Saab worked out a special plan just for our vehicles and not the generic program BG offers.
      We’ll all find out shortly I’m sure.

  9. I received a response today to my inquiries of Friday from one of the men who works in promotions side of things SPNA:

    In terms of Saab Secure, we are working on the support documents and should have those out to you in the next week or so. The BG Limited Lifetime Protection Plan (oil change portion) is something that can be started as soon as you’ve visited with the local BG distributor to get program details. The VSC portion is something we are targeting Feb. 1 to start selling; just waiting on a few more states to approve.

    The Customer Assistance Center will go live shortly. We will send out an email with the number to you and post it to, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The number will be the same 800 # that is found I the owner’s manuals. It is not yet live, so we did not publish it yet.

    Great to hear customers are interested and chomping at the bit to get in. Promise, it’s all coming very soon.

    SO- Be patient, ya’ll. Details will be forthcoming and I will be sure to post as soon as available. My service director is off today so when he returns I will speak to him about contacting the BG Rep for more information on that portion.

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