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Ah, the famous SAAB SUITE. Prolly seen it a million times, and never get tired of it 🙂

The red C900 Vert going over the tire spikes is symbolic of an operatic tragedy, and it is supposed to be the prima donna. 😀


I married someone who drove somewhat like that, but soon came to realize that in her case it was all by accident.


Yes, the Saab Suite is fantastic! It’s recorded at Stockholm-Skavsta Airport (IATA: NYO) outside Nyköping, my home town. 🙂


I`ve just watched this on YouTube on my TV- brilliant! I`m off to find a dis-used airfield (no, not really).


Wonderful video. I am currently driving a 9-5 – the successor the the 9000. How do the two cars compare in terms of performance, handling etc? .

Steve C.

I have to crack up when this clip is said to be seen for the first time by newer Saab enthusiasts! This film was produced by Cameo Film & TV AB and the DVD version shows a 9 minute running time. The drivers on this 1988 production are Ake Anderson, Erik Carlsson, Bengt Dahl, Bertil Johansson and Kjell Olofsson. Bengt was still on the Saab Perfomance Team until the end. I was lucky enough to see a live performance by most of that original team of something very similar at the Saab 40th Jubilee weekend in 1987 in Trollhattan. In… Read more »

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