Saab 93 tourism in the United Kingdom (1959)

Bilturist i Storbritannien (1959)

While checking my twitter feed this morning I came across a video posted by @skandix of a couple taking a driving holiday in the UK in a Saab 93. You see the 93 being loaded onto the ferry in Norway and then the tour itself. A saab 93 must have been a very rare sight in those days.

I’ve put a direct link to the website where you can see the video in all its glory here

A big thank you to Svenska Filminstitutet for sharing this wonderful film.

12 thoughts on “Saab 93 tourism in the United Kingdom (1959)”

  1. Coming from the Highlands I loved seeing Inverness and environs in the year before I was born…but I am VERY suspicious of those “Central Casting Department” shepherds in kilts! I’ve never seen a shepherd – or any working Scot – dressed like that in my life!
    Loved the 93 though. Could almost smell the miasma of 2-stroke drifting in the Highland air…

  2. Wow! That was a wonderful piece of history. Thank you for sharing it. I actually own a 93b from 1959. Same original colour (now painted a lighter blue by previous owner) and interior as the one in the clip. What if…it is…my car? Does anyone know if it is possible to trace the old registration-number to the new system somehow? Unfortunately no documentation about that came with the car.

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