SAAB Of The Week

This week for the Saab Of The Week I decided to do it a little different and started posting all of the photos to an album on our Facebook page. We have had a lot of traffic this week on the Facebook page in views and comments and it has truly become a very interactive process. Every week I will be loading the photos to our Facebook page and based on the likes and activity on the photos I will pick the winner. As always, send your photos to [email protected].

This weeks winner is Alex from Sweden with his snow covered 2009 9-3 XWD combi with stage 3 Maptun (270hp). Thank you very much for all the photos, and keep them coming. If you have already submitted, you may still be our next week winner as we continue to grow the photo album we are also getting more and more likes on our Facebook page.

14 thoughts on “SAAB Of The Week”

    • And I love this climate. +30 degrees Celsius in summer, and -20 degrees Celsius in winter.
      It makes You feel alive so to say……. 🙂
      And the 9-3X takes You through it with a big grin.

    • Last winter I repeatedly scrolled through the menues to turn it off.
      I would prefer if it was available via a single dashboard button, as in my former Outback or the new Mazda6.
      This winter I have surrendered under my lazyness. No more ESC Off.

  1. We had a -08 TTiD sc for 3 years, and it looked just like that every monday morning after 180 km in snow during 3-4 month of of the winters.
    Today a 9-5 XWD is doing the job instead.
    The 9-3 was not bad, in fact, in some respect it did the job better. That was a car to remeber!

    Regarding the fb….nääääää, I do not even care to conment on that…

    • don’t worry about the fb thing, it’s just a way to keep people highly interactive with us. If you don’t use or like fb, no worries, you’ll still see the result every week of what people liked the most. FB has become one of the largest sites out there for people to connect and by putting photos there, it doesn’t take away from what is going on here because I’m posting lately 5-10 photos a day.

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