Where Did The Auction Cars End Up?

Where did the auction cars end up? That is a great question and we may not know the answer to all of them but we now know where at least 6 of them are. Last week we received an email from David about a special night time delivery of some important Saab vehicles to Suchomel Auto. This was followed up by the post below from SAABunderground.cz which gives details on what they had delivered to their location. Thank you so much for sharing these photo’s with us all.

Hi guys, 

Greetings from snowy Czech Republic. We thought we’d send you a little update on what we’ve been up to here in CZ, which we’d like to share with Saabers worldwide, so we wrote the following article. Enclosed are also two photos to accompany it. 

Thanks for keeping us posted on all things Saab and we wish you a great new year full of good news. 🙂

So, here it goes – 

Where have some of those unique Saabs gone?

As we all know, in mid-December, an auction of cars from the Saab Automobile AB bankruptcy estate was held in Sweden, where 48 cars from the property of SAAB were sold. It was dominated by the unique 17 combi pieces and 10 of the 9-4X. Also, the former business sedan used by Victor Muller was included. If you too are wondering where these cars have gone, we have good news for you – 6 of them can be found right in the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic. 

The sale was actually not too difficult to follow, because all of them were bought by Suchomel Auto, the oldest Czech company engaged in servicing and sale of SAABs, so we all knew about this joyful event from the first moment. Despite the small size of our country, they were also a single bidder who ultimately bought the highest number of cars from that auction! Now all 6 cars have finally arrived and we were there to witness it. Most attention, of course, was focused on the combi, which is actually even more beautiful than in all the pictures we have seen until now. We were pleasantly surprised by the 9-4X, which also had its premiere in our country. One of the six cars purchased will go to a customer in Germany, the others will adorn Czech roads, and we firmly hope they will include the 9-5 sport combi, which will remain with the owner of the company. He has been a member of the Czech SAAB club for 40 years, same as the family which will acquire the car with the magical license plate TYL 066. Both drivers are regular visitors of Saab festivals, so it is more than certain that these two cars will return to Trollhättan in late May.

Pictures from this „6 Kings Epiphany“ can be found here:


It was wonderful to see this squadron together, but at the same time it was a very sad sight when you realize that none of these wonderful cars will ever be produced again. We can only hope that the new Saabs will turn out even better!

If you’d like to admire these darlings in person, you will be more than welcome at any of our national Saab meetings listed at http://www.saabunderground.cz/index.php?page=home. Those who do not want to wait that long can join our SAAB Support Convoy +3 Anniversary which will be organised by SAABunderground in Brno, Czech Republic together with our fellow Saabers from Slovakia on 20 January 2013 and where we expect to see both VM’s car as well as the 9-4X. We have been holding a SSC Anniversary every year since the memorable first one in 2010 because we think it is worth remembering this amazing event when all Saabers of the world united in one effort. Last year’s convoy is documented here.

Greetings and wishes of a good year to all Saabers around the world,


I thought I’d add a few of the photo’s of the vehicles arriving here as well. It is truly a great feeling for me to see a dealer excited about new Saabs hitting their lot and reminds me of that first truck unloading the new 2011’s when they arrived. We were all so excited to see such beautiful cars arriving, the new 9-5 took your breath away and the 9-3X was everything we expected. I look forward to seeing this again.

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So, I guess you can register the 9-5 wagon and put it on the road in Czech Republic?
Super nice in red. I saw a grey one on display in the terminal at landvetter in the late spring of 11. Very pretty car, and visually, everything the sedan isn’t.

It will always be a shame it didnt see the commercial light of day. I am not surprised they made big money at the auction.


Hmmmm, I’ll take that laser red 9-5 XWD Aero please.


Very nice cars – let’s hope they can get the red 9-5 SC street legal and that it gets well taken care of! 🙂 By the way, Jason, since I believe that you’re a native English speaker I must ask out of curiosity: Are the apostrophes in the post title and the first sentence really supposed to be there? I didn’t think so, but then I’m not a native English speaker. I’ve also seen apostrophes being used strangely on this site before, so I’d like to know if I’ve misunderstood something because this usage doesn’t correspond to what I’ve learnt… Read more »


If it’s registered in the Czech republic you could probaly import it to any EU country : )


Are they? Anyone knows?

Angelo V.

It would be a dream come true if NEVS could somehow take the 9-5 wagon design—-just the visuals—-and fit their own engineering in for the powertrain. That wagon design will look more than fresh three years from now—-so they have plenty of time to do something with it!


Super good news, some of these cars ended up very close to Hungary 🙂 I might actually go and check them out.

How about creating a section on the website where people can register their cars so we can track their future life? 🙂 I wanted to create something similar to this but haven’t got around to it yet. And SU would be perfect place for it.


I’ve always liked the aggressive front end on the 9-5 AEROs. Beautiful cars in person!


It is great to see a shop with a line of new SAABs out front.

hans h

Indeed! 🙂


Perfect to see that these nice cars will be put on the road and be driven.
Too sad to put these all in a museum.
Hope to see one on the road one time 🙂

Angelo V.

That red wagon in the foreground—-the fact that this COULD HAVE BEEN a production car—-available to all of us—-but GM essentially killed it—–it’s very hard to ever forgive GM for that sin. What other station wagon has that sort of presence? From the angle of the photo, it looks like a supercar! It just has the appearance of a mean road machine—-something General Motors has never accomplished on any similar product—–but they have to deprive us of the opportunity to own one. I really hate them.

Angelo V.

That wagon makes me feel as though Muller should have led with the wagon before the sedan. Not as large a market? Not so sure. Sometimes, you CREATE a market instead of following a trend. The car could have been marketed as a premium motorcar and an alternative to SUV or even crossover SUV—–the advertising could have been a list of “Our sportwagon can do what your crossover can do—–but your crossover can’t do what our sportwagon could do.” People were really ready for this. What a shame how it ended up.

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