A Special 1990 900 SPG For Sale On Ebay


This 1990 900 SPG was once owned by one time Saab Cars USA president Dan Chasins(2000-2002) and was also part of the GM Heritage Collection and has only 54,450 miles on it. I found a little post on Jalopnik about this car being offered for sale from a Lotus dealer in Jersey and it really is a chance of a lifetime to own such a beauty. On a side note from this story, the Lotus dealer has a number of fine Saabs in their inventory.

Back to the meat of this story. The vehicle was listed on the Lotus dealer website for as low as $19,990 and is now up for bids on Ebay where as of right this moment it is being bid at $23,532 with over 60 bids putting it there and the auction bidding ends tomorrow. Nice position for the dealer to be in, to have offered it for under $20,000 on their lot and to then be getting more then $3,000 over asking is like a dream come true.

If you would like to own a part of Saab USA history, get into Ebay in the next 24 hours and make your bid count. This would appear to be the absolute best SPG available with a history that separates it from any other and you will never have an opportunity to own a piece of Saab USA history like this again. I would love to see this car be picked up by one of the Saab fans on here and if it does, please send me photos of your car in its new home.

There are a few photos below and on the dealer and Ebay links above you will find over sixty different photos of this car.

spg3  spg2  spg4 spg5

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$64K and counting………………….


I bought my very nice C900T Vert from this dealership last year. Pretty stand-up guys with a passion for Saabs. They scour auctions for only the nicest cars (Saabs and others). If I recall the owners spent many years as Saabs salesmen which helps explain why a Lotus dealership has about 10 times as many Saabs as Lotus for sale. They were even kind enough to indoor store my convertible thru several months of winter until I took delivery – for no fee! They may not be offering the cheapest preowned Saabs out there – but they are offering some… Read more »


Beautiful car, I love the SPGs! Someone is going to be very happy!

Angelo V.

Look at the engine bay. Wow, looks showroom new.

Angelo V.

Question: How important is the age of the car in determining reliability—-if someone wants to make this a daily driver? In other words—-a 4 year old car with 54,000 miles on it—-would be considered a cream puff at a good price—-average mileage, not too old, etc. If well maintained, the 4 year old car would be expected to go another 50,000 – 75,000 miles without much trouble at all, or reason to expect a lot of repairs. But on an older car like this, with low mileage: If it’s been well maintained, could someone start using it daily and expect… Read more »


We know that car well at Hemmings, as it modeled for us, some years ago:


Ended at $23500


Saab C900 prices are on the rise and this sale won’t hurt.

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