Former Saab Engineers Get to Work

In a few stories from TTELA, we learn about how former Saab employees are adapting to their new roles. First, you’ll remember that many Saab engineers decided to break off and form their own consulting company, Lean Nova Engineering. Now TTELA reports that they’re growing and are looking to expand into China.

Lean Nova management celebrates company's first anniversary. Photo: Sebastian Lamotte
Lean Nova management celebrates company’s first anniversary. Photo: Sebastian Lamotte
Lean Nova recently celebrated their first birthday, and in that year grew from ten to over 100. They have customers in Sweden, Finland, England, Germany and China. Many of the OEMs haven’t been announced, but when TTELA met them last fall they revealed a new collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover, along with past clients such as Scania and Volvo Cars. They’ve also added Nissan in the UK to their client list.


“In total we have 20 different customers, and Nevs is one of the bigger ones,” CEO Thomas Camén told TTELA.

While Lean Nova Engineering is primarily composed of an electric car consortium engineering team, they’re the ones we’ve told you about reviewing the possibilities of restarting the production of 9-3, a work that “moving forward” according to them. They expect to hire another 50 engineers in 2013, according to Camén.

After working through the autumn with Jaguar Land Rover, their spring seems focused on China.


“For business relations, it is important to have people in [China],” says Camén. “But we have left the original plan, to take home as many projects as possible to Trollhättan. It’s been great so far.”


One could speculate that they’re looking at offices in either Beijing or Qingdao, two locations NEVS has announced will be part of their manufacturing strategy in the coming years. NEVS has a battery R&D facility in Beijing of course, and Qingdao will be home to the import and Chinese manufacturing plant for Saab. Both would be attractive areas for Lean Nova to set up shop.

In other news, one of the key players in producing Saab’s successful late products, Mats Fägerhag will now work for Geely and Volvo Cars. They plan to open a new research and development center in Gothenburg, at Lindholmen Science Park, where about 200 full-time engineers from Sweden and China will work on component development for both Volvo Cars and Geely. Fägerhag already heads Volvo Cars product strategy, and the new development center is expected to be fully operational by the end of the year. Recruitment of engineers are now underway, so it’s good to see that there’s still a need for high level engineers in the region between Lean Nova and Volvo/Geely.


6 thoughts on “Former Saab Engineers Get to Work”

  1. Well, the Chinese are coming!
    Look at Chinese Qoros Auto, which wisches to introduce a Chinese car on the European market – called GQ3. It will be presented on the Geneve Autoshow.

    It’s supposed to get a 5-star EuroNCAP safety-rating. And how? Well, a former Saab engineer – Roger Malkusson – is head of safety-development:
    Look at all those Europeans. in that Chinese company! They mean business!


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