New Badges = New Look

Marcus Bergfeldt from Tranås, Sweden decided to update the roundel badges on his 9-5 and the following pictures are the result.
I think you will agree it has transformed the looks completely. Oh,,,, and the number plates and surrounds look very good too.

Larger pics can be found on his Flickr page. Thank you Marcus for sharing.









10 thoughts on “New Badges = New Look”

  1. Great, i hope the badges last for alonger period of time then the ones I had replaced in December .
    On the bonnet is already colorless again. Made in???? No warranty of course . Now I decided to leave it this way. Or I put a Kia sticker on it. 🙂

  2. I have noticed a few bonnet (hood) badges that are completely white, but usually on cars that are over 5 years old. Some older Ford Mondeos seem to suffer too. Could it be too enthusiastic washing/polishing. My own car is fine at 20 months, washed at least once a month. – or are there different suppliers, some good, some questionable?

    • I think the one on the bonnet suffers from small stones hitting it and the owner then washing the car with a high-power water wash. At least thats what happened to mine a few times… =(

      But I have to say that the one on my 9-5 from 2010 has lasted over 100k km’s now and it still looks brand new, the one I had on my Viggen back in 2001 was ruined after only half the distance and time so quality might have become better…

  3. You can preserve your current badges (or protect new ones) simply by hitting them with several coats of clearcoat before putting them on your car. I did this when my 9-5 was new in 2007; front, rear, and wheel badges still look like they just came off the factory line!

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