Not so Grey designer near Trollhättan….


Through my network of car designers I have been recommended to get in touch with a British born guy living in Vargön (Wolf’s Island). Vargön is just a couple of kilometers north of Trollhättan.

Since design in the recent years have grown to become the number on assett when selling cars I feel it is very important to keep the discussion on this dear topic. What is underneath the curved sheets of metal is today not of such big importance since most modern cars are adequate in terms of driving behavior and safety. Very few has he capacity or the knowledge to press a car to its limits. Many manufacturers work hard on putting well designed cars on the roads. Just take a look at the Range Rover Evoqe and the MB CLA class or the brand new Alfa Romeo C4 or the coming Alfa Romeo Gloria that came out of a design student competition at IED in Italy.

Eduard Gray is a talented 36 year old (very Swedish to tell a persons age), he designs not just cars but also yacths. His company is called Grey Design Some years ago he did a new take on the Ursaab.

He told me that he is working on both a new 9-3 as well as a 9-5, the designs well be ready in just a few weeks time so embrace yourselves.
Today I got a letter from Eduard that is posted here below.

“The SAAB Sixten 92010 concept was a product of the overwhelming positive response that I had to my previous conceptual offering, the Saab Spyker Tribute. Spurred on by the comments and suggestions I got from sites like, I decided that I would turn my hand to attempting a more commercially viable design for the brand that was at the time the subject of much speculation. A new smaller Saab was rumoured, and this was an attempt to give that rumor a face.

I gleaned feedback from the forums that I researched, from locals that had a close relationship to Saab and from my work colleagues who had been involved in creating some of the very cars we drove around in. There seemed to be an overriding desire to go back to the roots of what made Saab so unique and so loved and all roads pointed back to the 92001 Ursaab. Indeed the purity of its lines and the sheer commitment to a simple aesthetic, devoid of clutter and pomp, included all the ingredients for a classic design icon.

To bring the design up to date, I added some creases to the familiar forms of the 92001, bringing it in line with the current standards of edgy automotive design, whilst trying o maintain the same uncluttered purity of the original. Incorporated into the face of the car were elements of the current light and grill configuration and the tail of the car fused elements of the speculated tail lamps of the coming 9-5.

The proportions of a car are extremely important, and I took great liberties here, as I always do, to give the car a sporty stance that todays generations have come to expect from smaller, more premium cars. Overall the car is a lot larger than the original inorder to give the visual appearance of a lower, wider stance and a more sporting roofline.

The one detail that I absolutely made sure was included was the ‘hockey stick’ chrome work around the windows that has been the sweetheart of Saab enthusiasts since it was introduced on the first 92, and propagated by my friend, Björn Envall on all subsequent Saab designs.

The release of this design gained me further exposure as a competent designer and as a result, I was asked to create some yacht designs, which after their release went onto gain over 3.4 million views and landed me a design job in Monaco at Palmer Johnson Superyachts.

I have not stopped designing vehicles, but I always look back at the Sixten and continually hope that I can capture the character and personality that was achieved in that little package.

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LIKE…….although the small rear window might not be so acceptable today…..!!


Small rear windows are regrettably becoming very common place today. Whilst some rear windows might look okay at first glance, the amount of area masked off can be huge.


Now that car would’ve sold had they been able to match the exterior with the interior. Looking forward to more. Does NEVS have his number?

The Range Rover Evoque, from the outside, looks like it should’ve been a Saab. Great looking vehicle.


I too, thought the RR Evoque was VERY SAABish! Very nice looking vehicle. This is more what the 9-4x should have been: More styled, more attitude…


Very talented designer! I love to see creative designs of future Saab models. Especially from someone who really knows his stuff…


How many times can you kick a dead horse!


Years ago, I stumbled across a fascinating design for a modern Saab 92– this was in maybe 2004-2005, before the 9-2X “Saabaru” was to be released, and I was hoping to see photos of it before it came out. I did not find the images I was looking for, but I saw something from (I believe) a design student in Finland– the URL ended in “.fi”– As the BMW Mini updates the original Mini, and as today’s Fiat 500 is to its 1957 namesake, this design was a great modern tribute to original 1949-56 Saab 92. I have never been… Read more »

Carlo A

I had already seen this … wow, this guy is really talented!


The earlier, silver-colored designs make it look similar to the current Audi TT.


I was hoping the change of ownership allows Saab to get away from the rear light bar introduced by GM. Still have my fingers crossed.


Especially if they continue to fail on our NG 9-5s and 9-4xs. Otherwise, it has grown on me. At first I thought it was a little too Pontiac. Yesterday I read a couple year old article where it feared that GM was turning Saab into an European Pontiac.


Well, I like this design more the JC Phoenix 9-3 design that we discussed a couple of days ago. The Grey design is definitely more in line with the uncluttered Saab philosophy. What I did notice is that this design looks a lot like the new VW Beetle, someone mentioned Audi TT already, not so strange since they both come from the same stable. I always feel that the new Beetle looks a bit like an inflated Porsche, again same stable etc. I’m trying to get my head around what I don’t like about the new Saab designs and I… Read more »


Seems as if with soooo many recent designs, too much is going on. Can’t the cars simply shut up and look pleasantly? I am not generally opposed to edgy design and a big fan of Aston Martin’s Lagonda (design wise, interiour space is ridiculous), but the edges here have no technical meaning. Next time I hear any of the terms muscular, agressive or athletic for a vehicle casing I might decide that it is about time to hang the marketing language guru with the intestines of the designer. Just a -well- gut feeling of course 😉


More , more, more……. let you dream.
This is nice and shows there are still fine designers around 🙂

Toby K

OK the rear is nice apart from the window which should be convex not concave (one limits visibility and space-the other doesn’t) the lines along the side are concet exaggerated and make it look slabby-although it is part of the modern design direction I’m not a fan of turret windows, I like to see out I like the windows to be part of the design.The front-lets not go there…its awful and has a super mini look to it which makes it look “budget”.
That said ..generally…its better than JC’s initial attempt…although it still looks very GM.

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