Rally Sweden and S2AB Historic rally Team

IMG_0909S2AB Historic rally team will take part in the Rally Sweden 7-10 February. After last years big success in the Midnight Sun Rallly when the team S2AB had no more than four 99 Turbo cars out in the forests.

The organizers of the Rally Sweden has invited a limited number of drivers with unique cars. One of them is S2AB´s full speed driver Erik Uppsäll.

He will take part in the winter rally with the same black 99 Turbo he drove this summer. Still with the classic livery of the turbo Stig Blomquist drove in the rally way back in 1979.

At that time the very first turbo powered car to win a world championship event. Stigs co-driver then was Björn Cederberg.

So I You want to step int the time capsule (go to Karlstad, province of Värmland) and you will also see Saab V4 and two-stroke smoke from a Saab Sport 1964.

Combined forces of S2AB Corporation (Magnus Roland, Stig Blomquist and others), Erik is going to take part in the rally flying the colors of Saab of the heydays.


3 thoughts on “Rally Sweden and S2AB Historic rally Team”

  1. The cars in the pictures are left to far right:
    – 99 Turbo Sedan Replica Stig Blomqvist Swedish Rally 1979 / Erik Uppsäll
    – 99 Turbo CombiCoupe Replica Stig Blomqvist RAC Rally 1978 / Jörgen Trued
    – 99 Turbo Sedan Replica Stig Blomqvist Swedish Rally 1981 / Jörgen Trued
    – 99 Turbo Sedan Replica Ola Strömberg RAC Rally 1984 / Jörgen Trued

  2. Got the question the other day what happened to the SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team. Well it does NOT exist any more, to follow historic Saab rallying follow S2AB Historic Rally Team. SU will keep you all posted on Erik Uppsäll and his driving this coming weekend. If anyone out there is interested to have Your company’s name on the cars please contact jtrued[at]gmail.com

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