‘Saab 64 – A Tribute to the History of Saab’

Saab 64 CoverLate last year we told you of a new book called ‘Saab 64 – A Tribute to the History of Saab’ that was being written by Nicolas of IntSaab2012 fame.
His plan was to launch his book at SaabsUnited’s Oktoberfest but because of problems beyond his control it was put on hold.

Well now we can talk about the book again as it is ready to hit the Saab book shelves.

There is a Saab gathering to be held in Luxemburg on the 6th April and at this event Saab 64 will be there for all to see. After that all the reserved copies will be posted to the Saab fans who have already reserved a copy.
The price will be €24,95 and the book can be pre ordered on [email protected]
Those people that pre order will be given a 5% discount.

I will write about the Luxembourg event soon.

4 thoughts on “‘Saab 64 – A Tribute to the History of Saab’”

  1. i’m thinking of going (i don’t have to work on 6th and 7th). now i have to make the decision wether to take the 9-3LPi or the 950.000km(not really) 900Classic ‘forty’ 🙂

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